Thursday, August 7, 2014

Workouts July 28-August 3, and a serious part.

Happy Thursday, all.  Here's the weekly recap of workouts.  I know, I know I still have one more Europe post to put up.  It's a comin'.

Monday, July 28 - GFit
Strength: 3x8 deadlift superset with 30 second sprints
Conditioning: 23 minutes
20 second plant
10 wallball
5 toes-to-bar
100m run

This was an evening workout because I got 5 hours of sleep the night before - fail.  I loved this workout though!  I switched to air squats near the end because endless wallballs (weighted squat with a medicine ball, then throwing the ball up against the wall) make my quad hurt after a while.  Turns out I have a terrible squat!  Who knew?!  The trainer told me to just focus on my squat rather than the whole wall ball.  I got demoted...oh well.  Form is important.

Random: after this workout my brother made black bean burgers with yogurt sauce for my mom and me.  THEY WERE AMAZING.  Everything from scratch, besides the pita :)  Have I mentioned my brother is a fantastic cook?

Tuesday, July 29 - AM 4 mile run
My morning runs are slowly but surely getting longer!  I noted that they only go up to 5 (5.5 maybe) during the week, which will be nice because soon I'll have to run at 5am again rather than 6am!  Oy vey.

As you can see by the handy-dandy icons, I felt okay on this run.  It's rather hilly, and I ran up all of them without decreasing effort.  It felt good.

Wednesday, July 30 - AM 4 mile run
I did the exact same route as the day before - it's fun to do that to be able to easily compare the two.  Well, clearly today wasn't as good.  I guess it was only a 20 second difference, but it felt so much worse.  My legs were so tired from the two previous days.  Oh well, done and done, and learning to run on tired legs!

Thursday, July 31 - AM GFit

This one was okay.  I LOVED the mile relay at the end.  Remember by mile I mean "mile."  It felt so good to sprint after the 25 minutes of conditioning.  I don't know why I just love the feeling of hammering out those tired quads (for short periods of time...).  DUs, by the way, are "Double Unders" meaning the jumprope goes underneath twice per jump.

Friday, August 1 - REST
Thai food and margaritas.  I love Fridays!

Saturday, August 2 - AM GFit
This is called the Deck of Cards workout.  Perhaps you've heard of it.  I actually used to do these by myself before I joined GFit.  Take a deck of cards, and assign an exercise to each suit.  Then go through the entire deck, doing the number of exercises that are on the card.  So, when the trainer pulled the 8 of clubs, we did 8 push presses, etc. 

Turns out it was kind of a bust.  Saturday mornings are suuuuper crowded, so there were literally too many people there.  There wasn't enough equipment or wall space, so the trainers, bless them, had to rearrange some things, we got started late, the workout wasn't even that hard in the end.  It lasted about 20 minutes.  Usually we do burpees as one exercise, which take about three times as long as some of the above exercises.  So I felt kind of blah at the end.  Eh.

Sunday, August 3 - 7 mile treadmill run + 4 mile walk
So I didn't do my long run on Saturday because the forecast was calling for tropical downpours.  Turns out the rain passed by 7 am, so it wouldn't have affected my run anyway, but by that time I was already committeed to GFit, and hadn't prepared for a run the night before (up late, ate a lot, drank a little, etc.).  So I stuck with Sunday.  I woke up later than I wanted, and it was already hot and sunny out, so I decided on the treadmill.  I was feelin' it!

A blurry picture I took for Drew to show him I was still into it after 4 miles!  Anyway, the run was good.  Sometimes I'm just really in the mood for the treadmill.  I played around with speed and hills, and overall had a good time.  Later in the day my dad and I took the doggies for a 4 mile walk.  I covered 11 miles that day!  I felt good.

Did I tell you my parents are home by the way?!?!  It's been awesome.  I miss them already and they're still here.  Have you ever had that feeling?

So now for a scary and sad story.  Remember the park near my house that I run in sometimes on the weekends?  The one that is sort of secluded?  Well this week on Tuesday I had the day off work and was going for a morning run (it will be in next week's recap).  The night before I asked my dad, "Dad, do you think Pennypack Park will be unsafe on a Tuesday morning?"  He said that it probably would be fine, but he just rather I didn't go there on a weekday if I could avoid it.  So I didn't go there.  Later in the day my dad told me that a female jogger had been found dead in the park.  She apparently had been strangled.  She was found on Tuesday morning (late Monday night).  

Story here

I cried when he told me.  I was so scared, I had goosebumps.  We were talking about it the night before - the night that happened.  Granted, the crime occurred when this woman was running at night, in a part of the park that is not on my route, but really that doesn't matter.  What matters is that it happened, and it could have happened to someone else, at a different time of day.  Every once in a while I get nervous on runs, whether I'm in a remote area, or it's dark out, etc.  I think it's a healthy fear.  A while back, in the dead of winter, I wrote a post about running safety, which was inspired by the very park this woman was murdered in.  There are too many stories about acts of violence on runners.  I think I will be avoiding that park for a while, especially when the weather turns colder and it's less populated.  

I don't have much more to say about this, but please be safe when running.  It's good to be on your guard.

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