Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Workouts August 4-10

Hi all, here are the workouts I did last week.  I'll try to write some more posts in between again...but there's a lot going on (details later!)

Monday, August 4 - AM GFit
I always forget to take screen shots of the workout!! Ugh.  From my memory it was...

30 minute partner workout:
Exercises split evenly, run together
50 situps
Run 500 meters
40 box jumps
Run 400 meters
30 thrusters
90 jumprope
20 reverse ballslam
Run 200 meters
10 burpees
Run 100 meters
repeat for 30 minutes

My partner and I (also named Anna) made it through 3.5 rounds I think.  It was a fun one!  We split up the exercises by 5 so we weren't waiting around too long for the other person to finish.  Fun fact about my partner.  She was my "mentor" for my senior project in high school that had to do with running! (See About Me).  So cool to be working out with her 6 years later!

Tuesday, August 5 - AM 4 mile run
I didn't have work on Tuesday, randomly, so I decided to go to the treadmill to run again.  I had done my 7 miles on it the weekend before and had a great time!  I did my 4 miles, added some hills and speed in there, and not much else to say about that run.  I spent the rest of the day chillaxin: lunching (with beer), some shopping, movie-watching, lacrosse-spectating...lovely day off!

UPDATE: to the story I mentioned last week about the violent act in the park where I run sometimes.  Although still quite terrifying, the woman's murder in the park was not random.  So, that makes me feel about 1% better about running in there now, but still, I will be avoiding it for some time.

Wednesday,  August 6 - AM 4 mile doggy run
This was a great run!  I don't always feel like running with Bishop, but each time I take him we seem to have a great time.  I think we were both feeling good that day.  Negative splits!

Bishop, your eyes look pretty creepy right now... Winston's world...

Thursday, August 7 - AM GFit

Whoa baby, this one hurt.  10 minutes of wall-ball, no thank you.  And believe me, the starjumps were no break!!!  Holy quads.

Friday, August 8 - REST

Saturday, August 9 - AM 8 mile run
Went to my Old Faithful Schuylkill River route.  It was so so, about an 8:50 pace.  Not bad for my longest run since Broad Street!

Here's the thing about this route: maybe it has something to do with the way it's curved, and that's a counter-clockwise route, but it made my right leg (glute and quad) SO SORE again!  It was the same feeling I get when I run on the track (same direction).  I was wickedly sore until yesterday.  Hmmm....when I run it next time I'm going to go the opposite way.  However, this loop is part of the half marathon, and another race I'm running in September.  We'll see...

Sunday, August 10 - REST
On Sunday my dad went back to England :(  I spent the day with him.  My mom is sticking around for a while.  It's been like a vacation having them home!!  I'm going to cry when my mommy leave me again!!

View driving my dad to the airport on Sunday night:

1. Last flight you went on??

2. Any exercises that make your sore every time??


  1. Wow hello! This is the runniest blog I've ever seen! You've done TONS of races!!
    Thanks for all those ideas! Pretty much every time I do a real ab workout I am sore haha.
    Last flight I went on? How about the NEXT one?! We're planning a trip to New Zealand! Yahay!

  2. Thanks!! Glad you found it :) New Zealand? Wow that is going to be fantastic