Sunday, July 6, 2014

Workouts June 30-July 6

Hello, I hope you had a lovely Fourth of July weekend!  I spent the weekend at Drew's house in DC - it was very patriotic!! My recap will be coming soon.

Workouts: June 30-July 6

Monday 6/30: GFit - LAST ONE!!
12 minutes
6 upright row
8 box step-ups
10 wall ball
*rest 2 minutes*
12 minutes
5 overhead squats
7 push-ups
9 V-ups

This was my last GFit workout before my membership ran out on July 1.  Too bad this wasn't my favorite :(  The first part was fine, but very tiring on the old arms, so by the time I got to push-ups, I was DONE.  The push-ups we do at GFit are tricep push-ups, which I feel are infinitely harder than regular push-ups.  They also are CRAZY effective, so I'll take it.  For the overhead squat, I didn't use any weight; I just help a PVC pipe overhead.  Even though this wasn't the best workout, I'm going to miss GFit!

Tuesday 7/1: AM run - 3 miles

I took Bishop along on this run, which was the first time I've done that in the morning.  It was nice!  I actually ran slower with Bishop than I would have by myself, which is the opposite of what I said last time.  I kept tripping on him.  Maybe we both are a little slower in the morning...  It was good getting him some exercise because he needs more than Winston.

Wednesday 7/2:  AM spin class
Another first: first time I've been to spin class before work!  This will only be doable for the next 6 weeks or so, during my summer hours at work.  I don't love switching spin instructors, so I hoped this one would be good, and she was!  It was great - Jay Z and Beyonce were performing in Philadelphia this past weekend, so she played ONLY their music!  It was amazing, if you're into that.  The rest of Wednesday did not go as planned, so I was so happy I had that workout in the morning.

Thursday 7/3: AM run - 3 miles + squats and crunches
I took of work on Thursday, so I had a little more time in the morning to work out.  I still woke up early and went to the gym.  I did 3 miles pretty fast - The first mile was a warmup, then I did next 1.5 miles at about an 8:15 pace, then slowed down a little for that last bit.  Before I ran I did 100 squats and 100 crunches.  Not the most intense strength workout, but what can you do?

Friday 7/4: Rest (convenient!)
We walked, A LOT, that day.

Saturday 7/5: AM run - 4 miles

I knew Saturday's run would not be ideal.  I got little sleep the night before, drank alcohol, and ate potato chips for dinner.  Good moves by me!!  That's okay though, I was ready to just knock it out.  I was running by about 9:05, which was later than I wanted, but luckily enough it was only 65 degrees and low humidity!!!  That is so rare for a July morning in DC.  For a little extra incentive, I told Drew to meet me at our favorite bagel spot 45 minutes later so I didn't have to do an out and back.  I ran around a nice lake and was feeling good for about half of it, then it went south.  I was definitely dehydrated and wishing I had eaten better the day before! I ran the 4 miles that my training plan called for, then walked the last little bit up to the Bagel Place (yes that's what it's called).  Done and done.

Sunday 7/6: Solo spinning
I got home from DC in the afternoon today and let me tell you: it felt GREAT to get my sweat on after the very indulgent weekend.  I did 30 minutes on the spin bike with lots of climbing and running.  Then I did some planks and stretching afterward.

Speaking of stretching, my half marathon training plan calls for "Stretch and Strengthen" on Mondays.  What does that even mean?  I feel like I'm just going to end up treating it as a rest day, which I don't want to do.  I suppose I could hit up yoga, but I don't like LA Fitness yoga...  I'm thinking tomorrow I'll walk the dogs, do some core work, and foam roll.

1. Help!  How would you treat a "Stretch and Strengthen" day??

2. Favorite workout this week?

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