Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Workouts July 21-27

Hi there!  Better late than never with the weekly workout recaps.

Surprise about last week: I RE-JOINED G FIT! :) After all my debating, after all my "cons" about it, I can't stay away.  I just love that it forces me to do HIIT and strength training, because if it were up to me, I would just run and spin at all times.  Secondly, it is something that I can do with a GROUP.  A group of lovely women at that.  During the week I spend I spend a lot of time by myself outside of work.  I feel like I really need that social time.  So we're back on the G FIT train officially!

Last week I didn't run until the end of the week.  As I mentioned last week, my legs were hurting from my Eurotrip, and I hadn't done any cross training or strength that entire time.  So I took last week to do some other things and let my legs recover.

Monday, July 21 - REST
I walked the dogs in the morning but took another day off after getting home from Europe.  I spent the evening getting my life together.

Tuesday, July 22 - evening g fit
First day back!  This workout was awesome.  I hadn't done pull-ups since October.  I was happy to see I could still use a small-ish band.  Man was I sore.

Wednesday, July 23 - AM spin class
This wasn't as good as the first class I went to by the same instructor, but it did the job!

Thursday, July 24 - AM g fit
I have a phobia of going to the 6 am class because the workout is rarely posted beforehand.  I like to know what I'm in for!  Luckily this was posted at 5:50 am.  I must say it's hard to do a partner workout at the crack of dawn - not in the mood to socialize! Ha.  It was fun though, my partner was counting down to her wedding that's THIS FRIDAY!  Congratulations to her.

PP = push press; vups = like a crunch, with your legs in the air too
Friday, July 25 - AM g fit
On Friday morning I was debating between a run and g fit.  I decided that because a) I told myself I'd cross train this week and b) I was craving g fit, to go with the latter option.  But they didn't post the workout first, eek!  Turns out it was PERFECT.  I loved that it was just cardio, but more intense than my slow 3 mile run would have been:  I started with sit-ups and squats (50-50-50-50) because I am SO SLOW at sit-ups.  Then I did the entire row, then ran 2400 meters, then 250 jump rope, then 800 m, then 250 jump rope.  Yeah, it was random.  (Have I mentioned that the meter count is very inaccurate at gfit?  I don't mean this as a criticism, but it's important to note.  I didn't run 2 miles in reality.  At gfit there is a "400 meter" loop that can be easily sectioned into 200m and 100m.  I suppose it's easy to identify by them by meters, but there's just no way they're accurate.)  ANYWAY, who cares.  It's still tiring as heck.

Saturday - 6 mile run around town
This run was GREAT.  I hadn't run in over a week, so my legs were nice and fresh (even with all the gfitting).  It also started to pour down rain while I was running.  It was hilarious - my shorts literally had a puddle in them by the end.  Also, Drew was here for the weekend, so he was waiting for me when I got home - it was a nice reward.  I feel like every run I post I say, "It wasn't my fastest run but..." but I'm not going to say that this time.  Perhaps around a 9 min/mile is just where I am right now.  And that's okay.

Sunday - REST

1. Best workout this week?

2. Do you like running in the rain?

3. Do you do HIIT workouts?  What's your favorite?

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