Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Zac Brown Band and Rocksylvania

What a great summer weekend I just had!

Before starting the weekend recap, here are some of my latest workouts:
Two morning runs: the one that I fit in last week was wretched.  Just one of those everything is wrong days, ugh.  Today's was much better!
G Fit: I went 3 times last week again, and last night.  I'm feeling a lot better!  Still modifying slightly, and my quad feels great.  I'm really going to miss it when I can no longer go after next week...this is no fair.
Hiking: We'll get to that later :)


On Friday I took the day off to go to Zac Brown Band in Camden, NJ (Philly's best outdoor venue happens to be across the river...).  It was AMAZING.  This was my second time seeing them, and I was blown away.  1) ZBB is one of my favorite bands/artists.  2) They are EVEN BETTER live.  Honestly, not many artists can say that.  3) Last year we missed about 30-45 minutes of the concert because of unforeseen circumstances that I won't get into, ha ha.  It was funny, but a bummer nonetheless.  So I was SO excited to get to go again!  Now for pictures:

 Deep conversation while tailgating.  (I wish that Jeep was ours).

This is Drew's "I was in the middle of a deep conversation why are we pausing for pictures?" smile.

The coolest chick I know.

That's better!  Drew made sure his NRA koozie and PBR were showing.  America!!

Drew's first time eating Wawa!!!  Welcome to the North, my Southern friend.

Just love me!!

I'm not a huge fan of taking pictures of the actual concert.  It's boring to look at for me and everyone else.  But for the encore ZBB came out in really awesome skeleton costumes.  That's all.

We met up with our friend Allison, and tons of others, of whom I do not have pictures...but it happened!

Although duck face is so 2012, I really like this silly picture.

Dawww :)

Not a bad Friday night!!


The next day Drew and I went camping for the night.  Okay full disclosure...I had NEVER camped!!!  I like to call myself an outdoorsy girl.  I can hike ALL day.  But my family was never the camping type.  We have a mountain house in NY and that's where we always went growing up, so no camping for us.  And believe me, my mountain house is rustic - it's one step up from sleeping in the woods.

So Drew, on the other hand, is an Eagle Scout.  He knows what's up in the woods.  He has camped all over.  I first noticed that Drew knew a thing or two when we hiked Longs Peak in CO two years ago.  He had so many camping gadgets...I didn't even know they made all that stuff.

Anyway, it has been Drew's mission over the past few years to get me to sleep in the woods.  I even bought a really nice sleeping bag, sight unseen, to go along with this.  We just hadn't quite gotten around to it till last weekend, and it was MY idea by the way!

We did about the most basic camping excursion imaginable.  We went to a section of the Appalachian Trail a little over an hour from my house, started hiking at about 4pm, hiked for 3 hours, set up camp, ate, slept, and hiked out in the morning.

Okay so according to Appalachian Trail hikers, PA has been affectionately nicknamed "Rocksylvania."  Here's why:

That is literally what we hiked on the ENTIRE time.  It was brutal.  We probably covered about 2 miles an hour, and it wasn't even steep!!  The trail we took was along a ridge, deep in the woods.  Turns out there were NO views.  AT ALL.  EVER.  Had we started at a different spot, farther north, or if we had time to hike longer, we would have seen some.  We just had no idea what to expect.  And that's fine, because like I said, this was about just getting out there.

Drew looking for bears.  Just kidding, I don't know what' he's looking at.

Our (Drew's) snazzy new tent we (he) bought.

 Inside the tent...thrilling I know.  Here's the thing.  As soon as the sun goes down, I am TERRIFIED.  I don't even know of what.  Drew I were joking: Ghosts? Bears? Murderers?  Ghost bear murderers?  Ghosts that murder bears?  Or ghostly bears that are murderers?  I just don't like being in the woods at night!!!  Drew says it's perfectly safe, but I probably shouldn't have watched The Blair Witch Project 35340 times in my youth.  Ugh.

 The next morning, we may or may not have had to pull a tree down because our bear bag got stuck.  Don't tell the Appalachian Trail Park Service, or whatever the governing body of the AT is.

Thoughts on camping:
1. I will do it again.
2. I need to invest in a sleeping pad - turns out a sleeping bag does NOTHING for cushioning.  Drew tried to warn me, but I didn't want to spend $100 on one before I'd even camped.  That's like buying brand new skis without ever having tried it.
3. Next time, we need to have some views.
4. Next time, we'll set up camp earlier and actually get comfy and enjoy our post-hiking-pre-sleeping time.
5. Freeze dried backpacking food is DELICIOUS (because it's literally all sodium).
6. It's really weird to literally not look in the mirror for 24 hours.
7. I better not come across any ghost bear murderers.

LONG POST!  See you next time!

1. Ever been camping?  Have a good camping story?

2. Do you know what Wawa is??? Have you ever been?

3. Favorite band to see live?  Dream concert?? - my dream concert is Mumford & Sons.  Preferably at Red Rocks in CO. 

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