Monday, June 2, 2014

June Fete 5k RECAP

Hi all, long time no blog.  Truth be told, I have not been inspired in the last few weeks.  My mom was home, Memorial Day weekend happened, running was happening - it was just more of the same.  And, as usual, I didn't take enough pictures of all of it.  Drew told me to be easier on myself about blogging.  I'm just getting started, and trying to figure out if it's something I want to do.  He told me to write when I feel inspired, and today I feel inspired!  First I'll recap some life, then I'll tell you about my RACE today!  (Can you tell it was a good one?)

I got a picture with my mom on her last day home.  It was LOVELY to have her here.  Life is exponentially better when I'm surrounded by family. And wow - we look similar in this picture! Maybe it's the glasses.

I went out on a Thursday last week.  LOOK OUT!!  Sometimes it's nice to not be a total hermit.  Sierra had friends in town from her college days.  She played D1 field hockey at University of Richmond.  Yeah, these girls are athletes to the max.

Hey. Sup.
The next morning this was needed.  The barista knew I needed a little pick-me-up. Hehe.  By the way, because I know you're wondering, I have two usual Starbucks drinks: Grande iced coffee with in a venti cup extra ice and soy milk, or, if I'm feeling like I want to spend $3 more, I get a triple grande soy iced latte in a venti cup with extra ice.  Is your life changed now that you know that?

On Saturday I laid by Sierra's pool for most of the day.  When the sun got lower and the wind picked up I was a tad chilly.  Sierra said I looked a real live Anna Banana.  I rolled with it :)

SO today I ran a 5k that was totally unplanned.  My cousin, Kelsie, is a crazy athlete.  She's a gymnast mainly, but also runs and dominates 5ks in her free time.  She is an animal!!  Anyway, she told me last week that she was coming down to run a local 5k (she lives an hour away).  So, we made a weekend out of it.  Before the race, I was actually nervous.  My quad has been bothering me a lot.  Back in November, before my half marathon, my inner quad muscle got really sore.  I think it was aggravated on the track.  As you may remember, my right leg (butt, quad, glutes) has been bothering me all Spring.  I continue to think it is aggravated on the track.  It doesn't really hurt besides when I do track workouts.  But anyway, I will talk more about that in a future post.  So, I did a track workout on Thursday, and was SO SORE all weekend.  I swear it felt like I just ran a marathon.  My pain coupled with the fact that my running hasn't been up to snuff lately, I was not very excited for the race at all.  

Today was a beautiful day.  The course was through rolling hills in a neighborhood only a few miles from my house.  Getting to the race, picking up packets, warming up, hitting the bathroom, etc. was all a breeze.  The race was pretty small, only about 150 people there I bet.  The only bummer was that we got there a little TOO early.  We had a while to wait around even after a warmup.  Also, I didn't know the course.  They had a map when we got there, but the neighborhood is so windy that I couldn't visualize where the uphills and downhills were.  I run a 5k in these neighborhoods every year at Thanksgiving, and it is HILLY.  I knew this would be no different - another reason I was nervous!!

The nice thing was the race was mostly downhill for the entire second half.  The bad part was that I didn't know that, so I was afraid to push it too hard in case another monster hill showed up!

Mile 1: 8:44
Mile 2: 7:57
Mile 3: 7:40

A lovely negative split race!!  The first mile was brutal.  Literally, within .2 miles I was like, "I'm over this.  I should seriously just stop."  Yeah, I need to work on my mental game, I'm well aware of that.  Anyway, I actually was so happy that I felt progressively better and stronger as the race went on.  My quad didn't hurt during the run at all.  My final time was 24:44, which was far from my fastest time, but for the course, and my attitude before it started, I was really happy with it! And...

It was good enough for 2nd in my age group - and the 6th woman!!!  I think I have placed in my age group before, but it was never recognized, and I never noticed at the time.  So I was really excited about.

Kelsie, our friend Alex, and I were over at my car, when I heard the announcer say "We need to see Anna Damm at the DJ stand."  (I knew this wasn't the award ceremony).  So I went over there, and I noticed they had my name as Andrew!!  They were so confused - they literally called me over to confirm that I was indeed a female and indeed 24 years old, haha. 
See where they crossed out Andrew?
That's when I noticed that I got 2nd in my age group, Alex got first in his, and Kelsie got 2nd female overall!!  I was on the phone with my dad before awards were given out, and I heard my name called again - out of order.  Turns out I won the raffle, too!!!  I got a free loaf of bread at Panera Bread once a mont for a YEAR.  HA.  It was seriously my lucky day.  Kelsie got $50 to Wegmans, and Alex got a frozen yogurt machine...thingy.  We scored big.

After the run we went over to Alex's house, and I brought the dogs over to play with his Doberman, Zucco.  THEY HAD THE BEST TIME.  As I've said before, watching the dogs run around is one of the greatest joys of my life.  Winston had so much energy.  I was a little worried about him because I'm not supposed to get him too excited, but I didn't care - he was so happy.

That's all for me now.  I'll try to be more frequent :)

1. What's your favorite Starbucks drink?

2.  Have you ever run a race on a whim?

3. Do you like to stay up late on weeknights, or do you go to bed at 9pm like me??

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