Sunday, June 29, 2014

Last week's workouts and back to "training"

Why hello!  I've had a lovely weekend.  One of my dearest friends, Emily, came to visit.  She and I were random roommates when we interned in NYC a few summers ago.  It was one of the most fun summers I've ever had!  She went to college in the Philadelphia area and ended up living there for a year after school, so it was easy for us to keep hanging out.  Last year she moved back to NYC :((( but it's okay we still see each other when we can!

girls night

I've decided that instead of documenting my workouts here and there, I'll just recap all of them for the week, once a week.   So here goes:

Monday 6/23: GFit
24 Minutes
30 Wallball
30 Situps
400 meter run
I liked this one!  I love the running part; most people at GFit hate it, which surprises me.  This was the first time I didn't modify a weighted squat, and my quad felt fine.  That was nice.

Tuesday 6/24: 3 mile run before work
It was okay, you know I'm starting to realize that although I like running in the morning, I don't think my legs like it very much, especially not in the humidity, ha.


Wednesday 6/25: 3 mile run before work (same route)
I don't know what happened on that last mile, but see above for explanation. :)  My overall attitude one these runs was good, even though they weren't too fast.


Thursday 6/26: GFit
SDHP stands for Sumo Deadlift High Pull, which is just about as informative as the acronym, ha.  Basically it's a sumo squat with a kettlebell, directly into an upright row.  I started to do these, but the wide-leg squat hit my quad in the worst way.  I ended up just doing upright rows, since I was already working my quads a lot with the box jumps (which felt fine).  In case you're wondering, a man maker is a pushup on dumbbells, then you lift the dumbbells into a row one at time.  Does that make sense?

Friday 6/27: Rest

Saturday 6/28: GFit
Another great one.  PP stands for push press (basically a shoulder press with dumbbells).  Farmers walk is walking with kettlebells in each hand.  Sounds simple, but it's ROUGH.  I did 35lbs in each hand.  

So there you have it!  I didn't do anything today, oops. 

Tomorrow I start "training" for my next half marathon (RnR Philly on September 21).  I'm going to be following this plan by Hal Higdon, loosely.  I'm in better shape than I need to be for the first couple weeks of the plan, so I will run more than the 2 miles it calls for some weeks, and I'll also probably do an hour of cross training every time.  I also may turn some of the midweek runs into tempo or speedwork.  I need to make sure I don't just slog through every run, that's not going to help me.   I looked at the Novice 2 program, which is one step above this one, but it didn't have any strength training, and only one day of cross training.  I think my body needs more cross training than that.  

Speaking of what my body needs, I am so bummed I'm done with GFit after tomorrow!  I am seriously considering just continuing to pay for it, but it's just out of my budget :(  I'll keep thinking about it.  I'm going away a few times in July so it wouldn't make sense to continue for now, but maybe when I'm back home I'll think about paying for another month or two.  I just need to make sure I keep up with the HIIT and strength training, which is why I'm glad my half marathon plan has some added in.  

One last random note, I have been OBSESSED with watermelon lately.  I've eaten almost an entire watermelon since fact: I used to hate it growing up.  Weird!

1. Are you training for anything right now?

2. Favorite fruit?

3. Do you have lots of friends spread around the country?  Or are most in your area? 

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