Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fathers' Day, latest workouts, and WHAAAT??

Happppppppy Tuesday!  I started summer hours this week at work, and I'm taking Friday off, so I'm a happy camper!  Speaking of taking Friday off, and camping, Drew and I are going camping this weekend!  This is really not what I intended to say right here so...more on that later.

Sunday was Fathers' Day, and my dad is HOME!  I started out the day bright and early by taking a 5 mile run in the park by my house.  It looks a lot different than it did in this post.  It was a really nice run.  The weather was beautiful and I just took it nice and slowly.  I did about 9 min/miles, but there were some good hills that I usually skip and I tackled them that day!  I really enjoyed myself - which has been a long time coming.

After my run my dad, me, and my brothers went to breakfast at Zakes.  I got eggs benedict again!!  This time Southwest style - turkey, avocado, and zesty Hollandaise.

Fathers Day
This was taken before I pulverized them and added salt and pepper.
We also of course had to get an order of the ridiculous lemon honey pancakes.  Oh my goodness gracious these are the best.


It was so nice to have my dad in town for Fathers' Day, and any day for that matter.  I know everyone gushes about their dads on Fathers' Day, and that's the point.  My dad is just the bomb - we are the same person, so I guess that makes me the bomb too.

Yay dad!  He spent the rest of Fathers' Day working around the yard, washing my car, and cleaning my brothers' house.  That's just him - he never stops doing projects.  What an enabler :)  

Moving on...on Monday and today I went to G-Fit.  I've been modifying the weighted squat exercises as to not injure my quad further, and checking the workouts beforehand, making sure they include exercises that will be good for me.  Monday's workout could be done at the track, or at the gym on a treadmill, too, if you have weights or a medicine ball.  I loved it, because I love running of course!


I modified goblet squats to air squats, thrusters (a weighted squat directly into a should press) to just a shoulder press, and ballslams to kettlebell swings.  These were all suggested by the instructor.  I feel good that I'm getting some more strength training in.  Once June ends and I no longer go to G-Fit, I have to make sure to keep doing it.  Tomorrow and Thursday I plan to fun in the morning.  Now that you know that's my plan, I have to do it! 

On to randoms (i.e. food and doggies):

Do you see a doggie in there?  Clearly the weather is getting hot, hot, hot.

black lab

Winston update: he's doing so well!  He seems comfortable and energetic.

black lab

WHAAAT??? SPEAKING OF HOT.  When did this happen?!?!  Wasn't it just January???

Philly heat

I've been really into quesadillas lately.  These Ezekiel tortillas are amazing.  They only have 150 calories, TONS of fiber, and NO sugar whatsoever.  They taste to hearty and healthy.  I freeze them and use them whenever.

Tonight I was vegetable-less (oops), but I made a quick quesadilla with chicken breast that I cooked right beforehand, black beans, and cheese.

home cooking

home cooking

Delish and healthy.  Would be very balanced if I had a side of vegetables...

1. How did you celebrate Fathers' Day?

2. What's the best workout you've had lately?

3. What ingredients would you put in a homemade quesadilla?

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