Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Happy Days

Hello all.  Here are some life happenings via pictures.  Nothing to exciting to report, but wanted to pop in!  Let's see what we've got...

Two weeks ago Drew was here, and we had the best time.  Only two pictures:

Drew surprised me with roses!  He such a good one.  I may or may not still have them...and they are dead...oops.  Drew saying goodnight to Winsty boy.  My best buddies :))

Note the heavy duty glistening in this picture - it's getting hot in the morning!  It feels like I was just wearing 3 layers to run, now I'm sweating like crazy.  It definitely takes getting used to.  Also, running is going well these days.

Recent eats - can you tell I like Mexican flavors?  The first is a black bean and cheese quesadilla with sautéed veggies.  It was good but way too oily, all of it.  The second picture is sweet potato, spinach, jalepeno, black beans, chopped nuts, and sour cream.  So delicious!!

On Saturday morning I ran 5 miles before breakfast, which I pretty much NEVER do on the weekends (unless I'm racing).  Then I met Braden and Travis for breakfast at a local diner.  I have recently been into ordering myself one pancake in addition to my eggs, bacon, etc.  I feel like I can't just eat pancakes, because they don't have any nutrients, but I love them.  I like ordering a pancake to have a few bites.  Or eat the whole thing...whatever.  It makes sense, believe me.

Backtracking - on Fridays, I am exhausted.  This was my Friday night.  Yes please!

 In other news, I have a barn cat.  She has lived in our barn since we moved here when I was 12, and she is still going strong.  She is a beast!!  I've seen her take birds out of the air, and take down squirrels like it's no big thing.  I love her, but she is very standoffish, because she's basically a wild animal.  We feed her, though, in addition to what she hunts.  Anyway, now that I'm the main one feeding her (my dad used to) she has become much more affectionate.  Tonight we had a major cuddle session, and I loved it!!  What a good kitty.  I hope she lives for a while longer.

Lastly, MY MOM IS HOME!! Yay :))))  I'm so happy she'll be home for Memorial Day Weekend.  Drew will be here, too.  And my dog, Winston, is still alive.  These are happy days.

1. What's making you happy these days?

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