Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Doggie stuff, and other life happenings.

Broad Street 10-Miler recap will be coming soon!  I have so much life stuff to catch you up on I thought I'd do that first...

1.  I am terrible at taking pictures.  Good thing Drew's mom loves to take pictures, and she just sent me a bunch of candids from Charleston.  These two are my absolute favorite :)))

2. I signed up for the Philly Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in September!!  Yay - you can read about my dilemma in choosing a half marathon here.

3. Last week it rained like CRAZY here.  More rain in a single day since Hurricane Irene in 2011, so yes, that means more than Hurricane Sandy in 2012.  This is the creek below my house.  The creek usually runs in that middle section between the rows of trees, if that makes sense.  Thank goodness my house is up high!

4. I bought the doggies bones last week - best decision I ever made. They didn't bother me for days.

5. My right hamstring and glute have been so sore, as you know.  The other other day I was stuck in a traffic jam that didn't move for an hour.  I decided to stretch...

I promise I was being safe - I moved about an inch every 10 minutes!

7.  In sadder doggie news, my older pup, Winston, may not be with us much longer.  On Sunday night after Broad Street, I noticed Winston was very melancholy and had trouble standing up and laying back down.  When he did stand up his tail was between his legs and he was looking down.  I got nervous and called my parents to let them know even though it was about 1 am in England.  They tried to calm me down but I decided to take him to the emergency vet.

I think Bishop had an instinct that Winston wasn't feeling well.  He laid on the same pillow with him, which he hardly ever does.
I thought the vet was going to tell me that Winsty had a bad stomach ache - the news I received was much worse.  The prognosis was basically that Winston is very, very close to death.  He's an old dog, and we knew it was coming eventually.  He spent the night in the hospital that night, and I actually thought that we were going to have to put him down the next day.  Thankfully though, his body stabilized over night!!  He was happy as a clam in the morning.  The vets suggested that I take him home and make him comfortable - basically to let life go on as normal.  The thing is, he's not recovered.   What made him sick on Sunday is going to happen again in a few days, weeks, or months.   It was a horrible night - I love that dog so, so much.  He's my buddy.  My whole family is very sad.  But for now, he's alive and kicking.  I love you, Winston!!

Winsty soaking up some rays after his night away from home.
Bishop in his normal stance...
I will recap Broad Street and fill you in on another running goal that I accomplished in my next post!

1. Do you have pets?  Are you a dog or a cat person?  Or neither??

2. Are you good about taking pictures of your experiences?

3. What was the best decision you made this past week?

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