Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Happy Days

Hello all.  Here are some life happenings via pictures.  Nothing to exciting to report, but wanted to pop in!  Let's see what we've got...

Two weeks ago Drew was here, and we had the best time.  Only two pictures:

Drew surprised me with roses!  He such a good one.  I may or may not still have them...and they are dead...oops.  Drew saying goodnight to Winsty boy.  My best buddies :))

Note the heavy duty glistening in this picture - it's getting hot in the morning!  It feels like I was just wearing 3 layers to run, now I'm sweating like crazy.  It definitely takes getting used to.  Also, running is going well these days.

Recent eats - can you tell I like Mexican flavors?  The first is a black bean and cheese quesadilla with sautéed veggies.  It was good but way too oily, all of it.  The second picture is sweet potato, spinach, jalepeno, black beans, chopped nuts, and sour cream.  So delicious!!

On Saturday morning I ran 5 miles before breakfast, which I pretty much NEVER do on the weekends (unless I'm racing).  Then I met Braden and Travis for breakfast at a local diner.  I have recently been into ordering myself one pancake in addition to my eggs, bacon, etc.  I feel like I can't just eat pancakes, because they don't have any nutrients, but I love them.  I like ordering a pancake to have a few bites.  Or eat the whole thing...whatever.  It makes sense, believe me.

Backtracking - on Fridays, I am exhausted.  This was my Friday night.  Yes please!

 In other news, I have a barn cat.  She has lived in our barn since we moved here when I was 12, and she is still going strong.  She is a beast!!  I've seen her take birds out of the air, and take down squirrels like it's no big thing.  I love her, but she is very standoffish, because she's basically a wild animal.  We feed her, though, in addition to what she hunts.  Anyway, now that I'm the main one feeding her (my dad used to) she has become much more affectionate.  Tonight we had a major cuddle session, and I loved it!!  What a good kitty.  I hope she lives for a while longer.

Lastly, MY MOM IS HOME!! Yay :))))  I'm so happy she'll be home for Memorial Day Weekend.  Drew will be here, too.  And my dog, Winston, is still alive.  These are happy days.

1. What's making you happy these days?

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Songs that I've worked out to for YEARS

Hi all!

I see a lot of posts about current workout playlists, stating the newest songs out there.  While those are GREAT, and I definitely add new songs as I start liking them, I tend to go with my old favorites.  I have some songs on my running playlist that have literally stayed there for years.

I don't know about you, but I like listening to songs I LIKE, and know the words to, when I run.  I don't just listen to anything with a fast beat.  If I don't love the song, it's not happening.  Sometimes this means I listen to slower music, like Adele, The Lumineers, or even Jack Johnson.

My Favorite Workout Songs - those that have stood the test of time

1. Paper Planes - M.I.A.
2. Hello - Martin Solveig and Dragonette
3. Lose Yourself - Eminem
4. Home - Edward Sharpe and the Magentic Zeros
5. Waka Waka - Shakira
6. Right Above It - Lil Wayne & Drake
7. Forever - Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem
8. Set Fire to the Rain - Adele
9. Can't Hold Us - Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
10. Literally anything by Mumford and Sons

Other Unconventional Goodies - tier 2, compared to above...

1. Time To Pretend - MGMT
2. Midnight City - M83
3. Let the Beat Build - Lil Wayne
4. Paradise - Coldplay
5. Little Talks - Of Monsters and Men
6. Cinderella Man - Eminem
7. Safe and Sound - Capital Cities
8. Shake it Out - Florence and the Machine
9. Viva la Vida - Coldplay
10. Literally anything by Mumford and Sons

Current Songs I'm Loving - for good measure

1. Big Parade - The Lumineers
2. Happy - Pharrell
3. Wake Me Up - Avicii
4. White Walls - Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
5. Unbelievers - Vampire Weekend
6. Burn - Ellie Goulding
7. Headlights - Eminem
8. Love on Top - Beyonce
9. Hey Brother - Avicii
10. Literally anything by Mumford and Sons

This list is in no way exclusive.  I have hundreds of songs that go in and out.  It also depends on the activity; when I run I like to zone into the music, but when I work out I like something loud and fast.  On the total opposite side of the spectrum, I do like running in silence a lot of the time.  Today I did my entire morning run with no music and it was lovely.

Do you run in silence or with music?

What are you favorite workout songs?

Do you ever listen to slower music when you workout just because you like it?

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Broad Street 10 Miler RECAP, and a 2014 goal accomplished

So...almost a week later...time for the Broad Street recap!  But first I need to talk about my latest goal for 2014 that I can check off the list - volunteering at a race!

Every year the school I work at hosts a 5k race to raise awareness for domestic violence.  It's always the first weekend in May, which is also reunion weekend.  Broad Street is also always the first weekend in May, so I've never signed up to run the 5k.  This year I thought it would be a great opportunity to volunteer instead.  I was a race marshall:

Cool safety vest...am I right??  Also, I don't know why I'm posing so hard with my water bottle...it was 7am...who knows.  

The race was so fun to watch - there were serious runners, but also lots of girls from the school running for fun with their friends.  A bunch of third graders were dressed as Minions from "Despicable Me."  So cute!

It was a great way to start the weekend of racing.  It was fun - I would love to volunteer again.  The only problem was it was over too fast!  Everyone ran by and then we had nothing to watch :(  Oh well.

On to Broad Street.  So this year I did not beat my time.  Last year I ran in 1:23ish, this year I was 1:26ish.  8:17 minute/mile last year and 8:39 min/mile this year.  OHH WELLLLLLLL.  I was trying not to be bummed, but I have to admit that I was a little.  But anyway, I really went into it trying to just ENJOY myself - no matter the outcome.  At Cooper River I feel like I was too much in my own head and didn't take the experience in, so I tried to this time.

But back to the beginning.  I chose to wear my Frostbite 5-Miler sweatshirt as my "throw away" garment.  I loved this race, but sorry, the sweatshirt did just not do it for me.  Fun Fact:  I saw several people who made the same choice as me, haha.  I wish I got a picture of my whole outfit, but I was in all pink during the race :)

Because Broad Street is a point-to-point race, the logistics of getting to the start can be a little tricky.  The way they want you to do it is:  drive to the finish (in South Philly), and take the subway back to the start.  The thought of doing all that before the race starts is exhausting to think about.  Luckily, we live only a few miles from the race start.  I picked up Sierra, we drive to my brother's house (4 miles from the start), and he dropped us off.   It was a breeze.  Sierra and I had planned to either take the subway back after, or use Uber.  We chose Uber. It was awesome.

We got to the start about an hour before race time.  We had time to go potty and do a little warm-up. We realized we would have loved to be able to use the bathroom one more time but didn't have time.  I hate when that happens...TMI?  We then said our goodbyes and good lucks and got in our separate corrals.

Port-o-Potty line selfies?  Why not.

Mile breakdowns - a lovely positive split race...

Mile 1 - 7:54 **My fastest, even though I hit a port-o-potty a tenth of a mile in.  #worthit.  But yes, the start of this race is very much down hill - it's unfair.
Mile 2 - 8:08
Mile 3 - 8:24
Mile 4 - 8:25
Mile 5 - 8:30  **between  miles 5 and 6 the race curves around City Hall (the only turn in the race).  The crowd at this point is AMAZING.  It gives me goosebumps
Mile 6 - 8:38
Mile 7 - 8:28
Mile 8 - 9:13  **I walked through a water station here probably more than I should have...at this point in the race I was telling myself even though I wasn't going to beat my time from last year to just SOAK IT IN.  ENJOY THE CROWD.  
Mile 9 - 8:50  **The crowd for the last 2 miles into the Navy Yard (fun fact: where Drew and I ran the Feel the Love 5k) is also overwhelming.  I was trying to just hold a steady pace, no matter what the pace was.  I gave lots of high fives, passed a few people in super hero costumes, and tried to just keep a smile on my face.  I like to tell myself that even if I were to slow down to a 10 min/mile, it will be over in 20 minutes!!!
Mile 10 - 8:58

Sierra and I had planned to meet in the Family Meet-up Area.  The following text message conversation happened:

Anna: I can't find the family meet-up area
Sierra (exact same time): I'm in the "Lost Runners" section

Haha, we are just a bunch of lost runners.  We proceeded to talk about how we both went out too fast and were burnt out by the end.  We didn't even ask each other's times, jeez.  

Our lives:

Just kidding!

I'm so glad my main lady was there with me for this race.  Like I said, I was feeling a little bummed about my performance, but I tried to keep inside!  We just ran the most fun race around, and it was time to celebrate.  We headed from the Navy Yard to the Philadelphia Sports Complex, which is about a half-mile away.  Between all the stadiums (Flyers, Phillies, and Eagles) is a huuuuuuge bar.  I think half the runners had the same idea as us.  It was blast.  Nothing like fried food and beers at 11am on a Sunday.

Oh hey, guy. 
Instagram: annadamm

Well, another Broad Street in the books.  I took this last week off from working out, because...eh.  My morale for racing is a little low, but I'm sure it will be back.  I keep saying, "I'm done racing till the half marathon in September...besides all the races I have planned in the summer."  Haha - I just can't get away.

One last update: my dog Winston is still alive and kickin'.  He's a trooper.

1. What was the last race you did?

2. What's your favorite race distance?

3. What's your favorite post-race meal or activity?

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Doggie stuff, and other life happenings.

Broad Street 10-Miler recap will be coming soon!  I have so much life stuff to catch you up on I thought I'd do that first...

1.  I am terrible at taking pictures.  Good thing Drew's mom loves to take pictures, and she just sent me a bunch of candids from Charleston.  These two are my absolute favorite :)))

2. I signed up for the Philly Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in September!!  Yay - you can read about my dilemma in choosing a half marathon here.

3. Last week it rained like CRAZY here.  More rain in a single day since Hurricane Irene in 2011, so yes, that means more than Hurricane Sandy in 2012.  This is the creek below my house.  The creek usually runs in that middle section between the rows of trees, if that makes sense.  Thank goodness my house is up high!

4. I bought the doggies bones last week - best decision I ever made. They didn't bother me for days.

5. My right hamstring and glute have been so sore, as you know.  The other other day I was stuck in a traffic jam that didn't move for an hour.  I decided to stretch...

I promise I was being safe - I moved about an inch every 10 minutes!

7.  In sadder doggie news, my older pup, Winston, may not be with us much longer.  On Sunday night after Broad Street, I noticed Winston was very melancholy and had trouble standing up and laying back down.  When he did stand up his tail was between his legs and he was looking down.  I got nervous and called my parents to let them know even though it was about 1 am in England.  They tried to calm me down but I decided to take him to the emergency vet.

I think Bishop had an instinct that Winston wasn't feeling well.  He laid on the same pillow with him, which he hardly ever does.
I thought the vet was going to tell me that Winsty had a bad stomach ache - the news I received was much worse.  The prognosis was basically that Winston is very, very close to death.  He's an old dog, and we knew it was coming eventually.  He spent the night in the hospital that night, and I actually thought that we were going to have to put him down the next day.  Thankfully though, his body stabilized over night!!  He was happy as a clam in the morning.  The vets suggested that I take him home and make him comfortable - basically to let life go on as normal.  The thing is, he's not recovered.   What made him sick on Sunday is going to happen again in a few days, weeks, or months.   It was a horrible night - I love that dog so, so much.  He's my buddy.  My whole family is very sad.  But for now, he's alive and kicking.  I love you, Winston!!

Winsty soaking up some rays after his night away from home.
Bishop in his normal stance...
I will recap Broad Street and fill you in on another running goal that I accomplished in my next post!

1. Do you have pets?  Are you a dog or a cat person?  Or neither??

2. Are you good about taking pictures of your experiences?

3. What was the best decision you made this past week?