Friday, April 18, 2014

Tabitha Kim 2/5/90-4/14/14

Please excuse my absence over the last week - I've been meaning to sit down and write this for a few days now...

On Tuesday I was confronted with horrible news, that I hope no one reading this has ever had to experience.  A treasured member of my class growing up passed away suddenly on Monday night, and I am in disbelief.  Tabitha was too young.

Tabitha was the most beautiful, vibrant, mysterious, and spirited girl.  In her own words in our high school yearbook she wrote:

"Our minds race and our hearts beat and everything goes dark for a while.  But when the light comes back on, it's the people standing there, waiting with their arms outstretched that matter."

Our arms are all outstretched for her.  Tabby was able to connect with each and every person she met.  Over the past week, I realize that even those who barely knew her, had maybe only met her once or twice, or were never very "close" with her, have a vivid memory to share of how she touched their lives.  We are all heartbroken and confused.  In the depths of this tragedy, our arms also reach out to those around us. This week, I have felt so much love for and from my friends, family, and countless others.  I just wish that we could all feel whole, and not have had this loss in order to come together.

Sweet, sweet Tabby.

Years ago, a group of girlfriends and I spelled "Beautiful" with our bodies.  Tabby is the "T".  These girls are the most beautiful. <3

7th or 8th grade :)
This was the last time I saw her, and we had the greatest time at our friend's wedding.

"Everyone's singing, they just want to be heard. 
Disappearing every day without so much as a word,
Want to grab a hold of that little songbird, 
take her for a ride to the top of the world,
right now."

We love you, dear girl. 

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  1. Keeping you and her loved ones in my prayers. Such a horrible thing to happen, and I will keep you in my thoughts.