Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Some Speed Workouts I Like

Latest Workouts:
Whoa I haven't done this in a while. 
Monday 4/14: Track workout with body weight strength training mixed in
Tuesday 4/15: Run before work
Wednesday 4/16: OFF
Thursday 4/17: Run before work
Friday 4/18: 9 miles.  My favorite route!!  It's a point-to-point run from Valley Green in Fairmount Park all the way to the Art Museum in Philly.  My dad was home to help me!!  He ran the first 3 miles with me, then back to his car while I continued, then picked me up at the end.  'Twas a great run!
Saturday 4/19: OFF
Sunday 4/20: 30 min swim and strength before church
Monday 4/21: 3 miles before work
Tuesday 4/22: OFF
Wednesday 4/23: 4 miles before work

Been a lot of running and not as much anything else, but oh well.   I should probably incorporate more...

SPEED WORK!  Speed work is a necessary part of training and getting faster.  It lets you avoid this:

I know I don't do it enough, but when it comes down to it, I don't mind it.  I'm all:

Below are a few workouts that I like - some I made up, some I got from other sources. They are mostly designed for the track or treadmill. I hardly ever do speed workouts outside on my normal running routes, but some of these can be adapted if you want to do that. For example, instead of running hard for .25 miles, run hard for 2 minutes, or, say three blocks. Whatever works!

If you're new to the track:

Most high school/college outdoor tracks are 400m around.
1 mile = 1600m, 4 laps
If you're using an indoor track, you'll have to find out how many laps in a mile.  They vary greatly!

Old Faithful (aka 400 repeats)
I call this Old Faithful because it's so effective and so simple. Try to get faster every repeat!!
1 mile warm up
4x400m (.25 miles) hard
200 recovery after each
1 mile cool down

Reverse Ladder
1/2 mile warm up
1200 5k-10k pace
400 recovery
800 5k pace
400 recovery
400 sprint
400 recovery
200 sprint
1/2 mile cool down 

5 Mile Tempo
2 mile warm up
400 medium effort
400 hard (5k pace)
400 hardest
Repeat 4x (not including warm up)
Cool down

Playlist Workout
10-15 minute warm up - normal pace
15-25 minutes:
Every new song, sprint for one minute (or through first verse and chorus if you don't want to watch the time)
Recover till end of song 
5-10 minute cool down 

30 on, 30 off
I do this as a small segment of a treadmill run, usually combined with the Playlist Workout. Whatever you do, make sure your warm up first!
Set treadmill at your absolute max, mine is 10 mph, and keep treadmill going the whole time.
Sprint for 30 seconds
Stand for 30 seconds (on treadmill rails)
Repeat 5-10x
Cool down
It's important to keep the treadmill going the whole time so you don't waste time playing with the speed every 30 seconds - you'd miss your interval by the time you hit the right speed!

And that's that.  Always feel free to add more intervals the these workouts as you build endurance, or start with fewer as you're getting used to speed work.  Same goes with rest time.  Take longer to rest if needed - walk, jog, or stand.  

Check out this post from Carrots 'n' Cake for a whole bunch of other high intensity workouts that include strength training, too!

Whew, I'm tired just writing about all that.  Later I will do my Easter post and recap of the past few days - it's been an emotional week - both happy and sad...

1. How was your Easter?

2. Favorite speed workout?

3. How's your day today?

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