Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I'm a perfect swimmer.

It all started waaaaayyy back here:

I'm joking, by the way.  I am far from a perfect swimmer.  I HATED swim team growing up.  HATED.  I hated it because I lost constantly...it's hard life being super competitive but not super talented.  Every year I begged my mom not to sign me up, but then when summer came around and all my friends were doing it, so I changed my mind, then regretted that decision the first day of practice, and around we went...for many years.

Fast forward 14 years - I am back in the pool!  Two summers ago I started swimming laps, simply because I was sick of the elliptical, and needed another go-to cross training activity.  As you know, I also like spin class, but lately it's been hurting my back, so I'm "back"-ing off.  :)

That same summer I was nannying for a girl who got private stroke lessons twice a week.  Besides my glorious swim team years, sitting by the pool and listening to her coach that summer is the only swim training I've had.  I just sort of wing it.  I usually stay in the pool for about 30 minutes, or about 35 laps if I'm counting.  35 laps in a 25 meter pool is roughly one mile.  Believe me, it is tiring!!

My pool of choice (my only choice): LA Fitness

Usually I just swim for time and don't count laps.  I find that when I count laps I get sooo boreddddd.  Tonight I did an actual swim workout, and it was awesome.  Having a set number of sets and laps to do, broken up in to smaller chunks, made the half-hour go by faster, and I felt like I really pushed myself.

10x50 meters warm-up (10 laps)
5x150m at 100m fast, 50m recovery (15 laps)
I kept the fast 100m at around 1:39-45.  Is that fast?  I don't even know these things.
5x50m cool down (5 laps)

So, when I was resting between one of the fast sets, the guy in the next lane said, "You're a perfect swimmer."  I was stunned.  REALLY?!  The former swim team girl who only competed in events that didn't count toward the team score? (yes, that happened).  Now who knows what this guy actually knows about swimming himself - probably absolutely nothing.  But, his compliment propelled me through my last few sets of the workout.  It felt good. :)

1. Were you on a swim team growing up?

2. What's your go-to cross training activity? 

3. Best compliment you've gotten lately???

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