Monday, April 7, 2014

Cooper River Bridge Run Recap

Remember that time I didn't post for a week and a half?  Oops..

WE RAN COOPER RIVER!!  Cutting to the chase, my time was 53:03.  My last (and only other) 10k time was 50:19...clearly a big difference there.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little disappointed...I tried to just focus on how much fun I was having in Charleston though!

Leading up to race, as mentioned in a previous post, my legs weren't feeling great - my IT band, knee, hamstring, and lower back, all on my right side, are not doing well these days.  I really need to figure out what's going on there.  I think it's because my hips are out of alignment.  Earlier in the week I looked up some self exercises to help correct this, and it seemed to work a little bit.  I took two full days off before the race, which is not ideal (I like to keep moving at least a little bit), but I felt it was necessary.  However, I also think I was stiffer than usual at the race.  And....we didn't warm up, like, at all.  That's a factor.  During the race I didn't feel injured, I just felt tight - like I didn't have a good range of motion.  Blah.  I was somewhere in between wanting to go slow and just enjoy myself, and wanting to kill it and go fast.  I never quite got into either of those modes, so the whole time I was back and forth, never quite finding the groove.

All these thoughts are what I've been letting marinate over the last 2 days, but I REALLY did enjoy myself, the whole weekend.  I knew it wasn't my best race...but I tried not to dwell on it in the moment. So, let's move on to the weekend recap, because it was so much fun.

Friday -
Drew and landed 20 minutes apart from each other, at about 10:00 p.m.  We went to bed as soon as possible, only to wake up 5 hours later.  Joy!

Saturday morning -
We got to the race start suuuuuper early, which I like.  Drew's dad had horror stories of missing the start because of traffic.  No thank you.  Drew and I had more than enough time to find our corral, use the bathroom, use the bathroom again...haha.  Like I said, we didn't really warm up though.  Oops, we were too distracted taking in the event.

Drew wore his Feel the Love 5k shirt!

By the way, I'm wearing my new shoes, and they're lovely.

Ready (as I'll ever be) to run
Mile 1 - 7:53
This mile, as it usually is in a race, was all about getting my bearings.  I was assessing how my body felt because I hadn't ran in a few days.  I'm actually surprised this was my fastest mile because it for sure did not feel like it.  But it was also downhill so...

Mile 2 - 8:53, Mile 3 - 9:06
Miles 2 and 3 are up and over the bridge.  It's a looooong steady incline, but the views are amazing!!!  Lots and lots of people were walking up the bridge - I was surprised.  Like, you signed up to run the BRIDGE RUN!  And these weren't the people in the back, these were people in the first and second corral.  Anyway, the fact that I was running steadily in the midst of these people gave me a good moral boost.  There was also a lot of zig-zagging to dodge walkers, so that was a little frustrating.  My 5k split was 25:00 something, which is frankly embarrassing for me.  It was the hill I swear!!!

Mile 4 - 8:09
Downhill on the other side of the bridge.   Mile 4 was definitely the hardest mentally.  By this point I knew I just wasn't running my best race.  I also had to PEE!!! Oh my goodness - I thought seriously about running into a port-a-potty but I also was telling myself that I'd be done in less than 20 minutes...

Mile 5 - 8:24, Mile 6 - 8:31
These were the best miles crowd-wise.  For about a mile we ran down King Street, a very popular street in downtown, historic Charleston.  It was fun!  I definitely could have enjoyed it more though, I just wanted to me done at that point.  Final time was 53:03, like I said.

Drew ran in 44:28.  BEAST!!!

While Drew and I were waiting for his parents to catch up to the finish (they were spectating at mile 5.5 ish) we walked about the Finish Festival.  There was endless amounts of watermelon, which was SO GOOD!  I must have eaten an entire watermelon.

Drew, on the other hand, ate a bratwurst from the world's largest grill, haha.  This was before we went to brunch.  Boys...

When we finally met up with Drew's parents and his aunt, we went to a fabbbbbbbulous brunch at place called Toast.  I got eggs Benedict, obviously, and a pancake.  We went home and napped for 2 hours, and it was the best nap I've ever had. No joke.

After lazing around for the afternoon we headed to the beach for a quick stroll before dinner.

Dinner was at Sullivan's, one of the places we went to in July.  I fully enjoyed my She Crab Soup, fried food, with a side of more fried food, and beer.

After dinner Drew and I went back to the beach for a little for some ice cream (for me), and some drinks (for him).  It was a pretty glorious day.  The next day we left at about noon.  It was a whirlwind weekend!!!  Oh, and another 2014 goal accomplished!!

I'm not sure where I stand with my running right now...I'm going to go on a run tomorrow morning and again assess how I feel.  Broad Street is coming up in a little less than 4 weeks, and I'm having doubts about the kind of shape I'm in!  More to come on that...

1. Do you like fried food?  What's your favorite thing to eat fried??

2. Last race you did?  Next one?

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