Sunday, April 13, 2014

A quick weekend update

No, not that Weekend Update (I wish).

Latest Workouts:
Friday: Off
Saturday: 8 miles on the Schulykill River trail.  It was eh.  I decided that for my next long runs I'm going to actually wake up at the crack of dawn and take it seriously.  Yesterday I mozied on down to the river at like 10am and it was hot and I felt like I wasted the morning.  Meh.
Sunday: 30 minute swim and core work.  Out of the gym by 9:45am!  That's more like it.

SO IT WAS WARM THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!  Like, HOT!!!  When the sun comes out in the Spring I immediately get sunburnt.  So that happened.  Sunscreen didn't even cross my mind on my run.  I'm just so used to the cold, dark abyss I guess.  Don't worry, it's already faded.  Now I gotta remember to keep my shorts tan in check all summer.  Those are THE worst.

V-neck burn.  Womp.
On Saturday night Sierra and I went to a restaurant called MOMS.  We thought that was funny.  It stands for Maxwells' on Main and it was delicious.  We got sweet potato fries and complimentary (!!!) hummus and pita chips.  We were really okay with it.  Sierra got crab bisque and risotto and I got a tuna burger with wasabi avocado spread.  YES.  The restaurant is in a really cute town about 20-30 minutes from where we live.  We need to go up there more often.  Espeically when we know we're going to act like adults and not get craaaazy (there's not public transportation so someone has to drive...).

The bar menu had one of my favorite puns:

Get it????  Drew and my dad have a shirt with that on it from a this brewery in Dillon, CO.  It's called the DAM Brewery!!  Hence why my dad and I were obsessed and had to buy t-shirts.  I was so happy to see someone else use it!  So clever.  Anyway, I digress.

Today the doggies went swimming for the first time this year.  Seriously, seeing these dogs running around, frolicking, loving life, makes me so so happy.  They are my favorite :)

I spent the rest of my Sunday shopping for new white jeans.  The go-to pair has a hole on the butt and I've been wearing them like that since was time.  Now that it's warm out I will be in white jeans or white shorts until Labor Day.  I can't live without them!!

1. What'd you do this weekend?

2. What's your favorite piece of Spring/Summer clothing??

3. Best thing you've eaten lately?

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