Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The treadmill and I are not getting along

I am usually one to say I like the treadmill, and I've been having some good workouts on it this winter.  On Monday, that all changed.  We are going through a rough patch.  

On Monday morning I went on a freezing cold walk with the doggies.  It was another snow day so I had the whole day ahead of me.  After the walk I felt good about the time I had been outside, and so I didn't feel bad about going to gym for a workout later that day.  I hadn't run since Tuesday (6 days prior), so my legs were heavy, which is never good for the treadmill.  We all know how much harder the treadmill feels than outside running anyway.  So I was on the treadmill for 20 minutes, at a 10 min/mile AVERAGE pace.  It was so pitiful, I hated every second.  I just couldn't get into it.  I was so mad at that damn treadmill.  I didn't want to be in the stuffy gym even though it was was 20 degrees outside.  It was a culmination of a terribly long winter, and all my bitter feelings were surfacing.  I stopped running, drove home, put on warm clothes, drove into town, and ran outside.  I only ran for 25 minutes and I was freezing, but it felt so good.  Who would want to be in the gym when you could run next to this?

The next day I was supposed to do some speed work at the gym after work.  As I was driving toward the gym I was like, "nope."  I went home, put on warm clothes, ran to the gym (a different one) near my house, did some strength training, then ran an extended way home.  On the way home I did some speed play.  Again, I was freezing, but it beat the treadmill in every way.  Like I said, I think my hatred of the treadmill right now is a manifestation of my hatred of WINTER!  It's March and we are still in a polar vortex.  Not really, but it's damn cold.

Anyway, I know my feeling for the treadmill will return to neutral soon enough, but right now I'm trying to enjoy the frigid air in my face.  It's there, it's not going anywhere for a while, I may as well embrace it.

Speaking of embracing the cold, I'm going to COLORADO on Friday!!  Some random skiing pictures:

Tahoe (not Colorado...) with Travis and Dad - 2013
Vail with Travis and Dad - 2012
Vail with Briton  - 2009
I'm flying out Friday morning and meeting Emily and Briton.  Briton will be with us for most of the weekend, then Emily and I will soldier on for another day and a half .  I absolutely cannot wait.  Ski trips are my favorite: exercise all day, get cozy, eat marvelous food and drink wine all night, then repeat.  Perfection.

Also, my dad is in town for a few days right now.  My house is full, and so is my heart.  Miss you mom!!

1.  What's the next vacation you have planned?

2. How has winter running been for you?

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