Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Thanks for nothing, Nike.

Grrrrr....my Nike+ GPS hasn't been working lately.  I'm very upset about it.  Over the past year or so I've become obsessed with my stats while running.  The watch has not been picking up satellites.  On my run with Drew on Saturday I let it go the entire time and it never linked.  Same thing happened this morning.  NOT COOL.  I feel like I've been running as slow as mud (except I've been enjoying myself more - more on that below) and I wish I could see my pace to know if this is actually the case.  With Cooper River coming up I'd like to know where I stand - and if I have been running slower, why is that happening??  I just updated the software on my watch, so hopefully that will help.  Meh.  I guess I should learn to enjoy "running naked" more (without timing devices).

On to more pleasant things!

Latest Workouts:
Saturday: 6.6 mile run with Drew.  As I mentioned before, I had a cold at the end of the week.  This run was tough on the old lungs.  I could barely breathe - I felt like I had a knife in my chest (not to be dramatic).  I had fun though because Drew was right there with me.  Poor guy must have felt like he was walking, ha.  I would have quit way earlier without him, but I just chugged along.  I listened to slow music and zoned out - it felt really nice when it was over.  
Sunday: rest
Monday: Spin class, then 10 hours later...
Tuesday: 5.5 miles before work.  I mapped the distance the night before because I had a feeling my watch wouldn't work (see above - it didn't). Again, I only have a rough idea of my pace because I didn't put the stopwatch feature on.  This was the longest I've run before work - I loved it.  I went slowly, but damn it's so nice to be out there when the world is asleep!  So good.  

Now get ready for picture deja vu - dogs and food.  Drew was here over the weekend - it was lovely.  We just drank, ate, and laid around, oh and ran.

Everyone go try Lagunitas IPA.  It's for sure one of my favorites!   Yum yum yum.  Oh and say hello to Drew's butt.  Also one of my favorites, haha. 

The glass on the right is from a race that Drew won this summer - so proud :)
Also, get a load of how different Drew and I are about eating.  My plate is on the top - I'm a mixer.  Drew's is on the bottom.  He eats a bite of one thing at a time in rotation and they never touch.  Opposites attract!

So concludes the pictures I took while Drew was here.

Today I went on a walk after work - another perk of running in the morning - endless time after work!  I was thankful for daylight savings.  It was beautiful out.

1.  Do you let all your food mix on the plate or do you keep them separate?

2.  What's your favorite drink these days?

3. Do you like the keep track of your stats while running?

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  1. I definitely love tracking my stats while running...I use the Garmin Forerunner 220 and previously the Forerunner 305. But when I am watch-less, I use the Map My Run app on my phone, or the Nike Run app...they are good in a pinch.