Saturday, March 22, 2014

One 2014 goal accomplished!!! And one that will not be...

Happy Friday!  I'm looking forward to a nice, fun, productive weekend.  Just got home from dinner with Em - good start so far :)

Latest Workouts:
Wednesday: 4 miles on the treadmill (blah) and strength
Thursday: Track workout with a local running club!!! (about 4.75 miles)
Friday: Rest

So, last night I checked off one of my 2014 Running Goals: do a run with a local club/join a club.  I'm so excited and happy that I did it.  It's perfect because this was the first track workout of the season so I didn't feel too much like the "new kid."

I was very high energy last night, and I had been planning to go all week, so when Thursday came I was rearing to go!  I am very outgoing and talkative with people I know, but it can be hard for me to break into a new group - I'm introverted at heart.  I am very bad at starting conversations - I will gladly reciprocate and have a conversation if someone asks me a question, but I RARELY walk up to people and introduce myself.  It'd bad - this really hurt me in the first few weeks of college, ha.  Luckily everyone at the track was super friendly, but also intent on getting down to business and doing their own thing.  The combination of social atmosphere and solo workout time was perfect.  During hard intervals on the track I was zoned out, but I had people to pace with and to try to keep up with.  I pushed myself harder than I would have on my own, which is the idea!

We did 4x5 minutes at our Broad Street pace (10 miles), with 2 minutes recovery in between.  Last year my Broad Street pace was 8:15, so I was planning to run about 8 minute/mile during the intervals.  Turns out I ran the first two at 7:00 min/mile, the third at 7:30, and the fourth at 7:15.  I felt good about it!  I had done a half mile warm up before.  Without the warm-up my watch (it worked!!!!!) read 3.20 miles at the end.  I turned my watch off but ended up doing probably another mile with a gentleman I was chatting with.  He was very friendly!  Like I said, I love it when people are good at making conversation, because I love to talk once I get going!   So I think I did about 4.75 miles total.  It was lovely.  I worked hard and totally "endorphinized" at the end.  I'll be going back next week for sure.  Yay!

In other exciting news...

I bought tickets for London this summer!!!  I'm going for 10 days, and might run one of Britain's largest 10ks while I'm there!!  I'm so excited that I actually have a date on the calendar.

However, my first goal of the year was to run all the races on the BMRC race pass.  One of the summer night runs is the night I leave for London, so I guess I will not be getting a perfect score on that :(  But I wasn't about to give up the perfect week to go to London for a race I didn't pay for so...

Also, if I do the 10k, I'll have done TWO destinations runs (after Cooper River), so I think that makes up for that!

1. Ever done a destination run?

2. What's a speed workout you like to do?

3. Plans for the weekend?

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