Sunday, March 2, 2014


One week down without the parentals! dad is coming home for a few days next week...YES.

Latest Workouts:
This week unexpectedly turned into a cross training week...that's good right?  Injury prevention?
Wednesday: 30 minutes spin and some strength training.  It's so hard to get myself to strength train but it's so important!
Thursday: 30 minutes swimming
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Impromtu rest.  I was literally about to go on a run when Travis and Braden came over and said they were going skiing.  UM...I CHOOSE SKIING.  Because we're teaching Braden to ski, I just hung on the bunny hill with them, so it was in no way a workout, but so much fun (more on that below).
Sunday: Morning spin class.  I chose spin over a run because it just gets me out the door and on with life.

Anyway, on to the weekend recap.  My bestest friend Sierra had her birthday on Friday!  We celebrated with Em.  We went to a really fancy dinner, then a very trashy bar, ha.  It was perfection.  We all needed a night out!!

Collage for the birthday girl!  The top right is our preschool days.
The best margarita we have ever tasted! 

My first time trying oysters.  I love seafood...but no. 

Em manning the mechanical bull.
This is a screenshot from a video.  Pretty much sums it up!
So I slept in Saturday... :)  It was a beautiful day, sunny and in the 40s, so I was going to head out for a nice run at about noon, when Travis came over to grab his skis.  He and Braden were going skiing!!  There are some ski "hills" about an hour from us, so it's easy to go up on a whim.  I dropped everything and decided to go with them.  I really only did one run, and spent the rest of the time on the bunny hill watching Braden learn - it was his second time ever.  It was just too much fun to miss!

Braden's first time on a ski lift!
This is actually fake laughing.  Braden loves doing that!

My buddy :)

So we're getting more snow tonight/tomorrow.  GAHH!  I spent today getting ready for the storm.  The grocery store at 10am was out of control!!  This is the biggest supermarket in the area, and they had every register open, and the line still looked like this:

Now that I'm done all my chores, I am relaxing in my warm house, watching the Oscars red carpet.  my brother came over and made dinner.  It's a good night.

Oh I almost forgot!!  The only thing that makes March worthwhile is here - SHAMROCK SHAKE!  At 10pm on Thursday, by myself, I went and got myself one of these.  If you have never heard of a shamrock shake, which surprisingly some people have not, you are missing out.  They only come around this month so hop to! 

My exercise plan this week is to RUN.  I am skiing starting Friday, so I gotta get a few quality runs in before then! 

1. Shamrock shake - Love it or hate it?  Or never heard of it?

2. Same question, with oysters ^^?  I hope you've heard of an oyster though...

3.  Are you watching the Oscars tonight?  What was your favorite movie to come out this year?

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