Thursday, March 27, 2014

Goodbye shoes :(

This post is actually going to be mostly about running!  Imagine that.

Latest Workouts:
Saturday: 7 miles around town.  Glorious, shorts weather, overcast, mid morning, the bomb.
Sunday: Hour walk with those doggies, plus a long foam roll session.
Monday: Favorite spin class, lots of foam rolling/stretching, and core work.
Tuesday: 6 miles before work.  IT band = ouch.
Wednesday: Instead of the 50 minute run I had on the schedule, I took an extra cross-train day because of my IT band.  30 minutes of spinning (on my own), plus stretching, core, and - you guessed it - foam rolling.

So if you can see the theme from my latest workouts, I have been very tight in the IT band/glute/hamstring area.  I think this is coming from my recent increase in mileage, coupled with my relaxed approach to dynamic warm-up/post run stretching lately (i.e. it doesn't happen).   Beginning Sunday, after my long walk, I noticed I was hurting, so I embraced my old friend: the foam roller!!  I swear by this thing.  However, foam rolling is a blessing and curse: do it too much, and you could injure a muscle/tendon that otherwise may have healed.  I may have been foam rolling too frequently these past few days, but it's helped me so far.  I already feel worlds better! It just hurts so good...

Check out this "Owner's Manual" of the foam roller.  It's very comprehensive, and can speak much better than I can.  I generally use the roller for my quads, hamstrings, calves, glutes, and lower back. 

As I was considering why I was all of a sudden so tight, I realized, "HELLO - I need new shoes!"  Duh.  It's about that time.  I replace my shoes every 6 months, and this works well for me.  Around the 6 month mark is usually when I start to feel injured suddenly - tight IT band, sore calves, etc., and new shoes fix all my problems!  I have not yet gotten to the place of rotating multiple pairs of shoes at once, although I would like to look into that.  

I am an extreme over-pronator (my ankles collapse inward when I run), and I have sky-high arches.  The man who fit my ski boots called them the Lincoln Tunnel...So I need lots of support in my shoes - I always add heal lifts and an extra arch support.  Yeah it's a mess.  For this reason, I am terrified of switching shoe models.  I am a firm believer in sticking with what works for you, and just getting the upgraded model of the same shoe.  Mizunos have been my go-tos for a few years now.  This time last year I was in the Wave Nirvana and I switched to the Wave Inspire 9.  It was a BIG "step" for me :)  I absolutely love love love these shoes though.  

 So I went to order some new ones online, no big deal.  Welllllll they completely CHANGED the shoe!  I can't find the 9s anywhere!!  This ordinarily wouldn't bother me, because shoes upgrade every year, but I've read very mixed reviews of the new 10s.  They've been overhauled.  Anyway, I'm sure I'm overreacting just a tad, ha.  I'm sure they'll be fine.  I tried a pair on yesterday.  They felt fine but it's so hard to tell in the store.  Then I just bit the bullet and ordered a pair.

They'll be here next week sometime, but I may not try them out until after the Cooper River run NEXT SATURDAY!  My current shoes will certainly hold out till then.  Then they will be laid to rest :(  (which means sitting in my closet with 3 other old pairs).

1. What's your favorite running shoe?

2. Do you have any nagging injuries/sore spots?


  1. Right now I am running in Saucony Wave Rider 5's and Mizuno Wave Sayonara's and I like them both. I'm a neutral with normal arches, so finding shoes isn't too difficult. However, with this most recent pair of Saucony's I have gotten some weird toe cramps so I think I might switch over to a different shoe brand when it is time to buy again...I started out a Mizuno Wave wearer, but then they changed it and the toe box was just too cramped...but they've been improving them again so I might give them another go as I absolutely LOVE the snug fit of Mizuno shoes. They are literally like wearing a glove as I'm sure you could attest to as well! :-)

    I currently don't have any nagging injuries or sore spots...knock on wood!