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Hello all!  Between two very long days of travel, I have been to Colorado and back.  It was a blast, just like I knew it would be.  I'll do this recap through pictures.  First, out of chronological order, but this is what I've been dealing with for the past 4 days - pretty tough I know. :)

My dad was home for the few days before I left.  I loved having him home!  When I came home from work on Wednesday afternoon he was in there cleaning the kitchen like he'd never left.  That's my dad for you!! (I did clean up before he got home, clearly not well enough!)

On Thursday we went out to dinner at the same restaurant that my mom, brother, and Drew went to a few weeks ago.  My dad was happy that he got to go out to a meal with us.  Thayer couldn't come so it was just Travis, Braden, my dad, and me.  Braden finds Pop Pop wildly entertaining.

I don't know what's going on here, but clearly hilarious.

I got to the airport the next day at 5:45 am for a 7:40 am flight - good thing I was early! 

The travel day was totally stress-free.  I made great time to the airport, the flight was on time, got in early, my friends were there at the exact right time to come get me and then...we hit the highway.   If any of you have ever driven from Denver airport to the mountains, you know that I-70 can be very treacherous in bad weather.  I actually was lucky enough to never get stuck on it for my entire 4 years living in Colorado, but on Friday it closed because of the snow!!!  Nooooo!!

The highway closed at about noon when we were an hour away from Vail.  The good thing was we had nothing to do that day - we weren't going to ski till the next day anyway.  We were forced to exit and spent 3 hours trying to wind our way back, hoping the line of traffic we were in was eventually going to let us back on.  We had fun because we had a lot of catching up to do, and we had bought some snacks earlier on the drive :)  

We made it to Vail finally at about 4:30 and we did some errands before heading to Briton's.  Just in time for happy hour!!  We had a lovely evening full of wine, cheese, steak, chocolate, and "How I Met Your Mother."  It reminded me of Freshman year - it was perfect.

Sunset from Briton's bedroom - she grew up a lucky girl!
The next day it was time to ski!!!  As you can see, it was a beautiful day.  There was fresh snow, and it was in the 40s all day (and the next day AND the next day).  THIS is what skiing in Colorado should look like - this is what I live for.

I don't remember why there are so many people in this picture, it was crowded that day, but wasn't this bad the whole time.
My gals.

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For apres ski the first day we went to the Four Seasons in Vail Village.  Apparently there was a free Pabst Blue Ribbon promotional  party going on - it was so fun!  There was free food and free beer (we splurged on our own drinks though).  And there was a photo booth!

We met the head of marketing for PBR and Drew was SO jealous.  Drew's bike racing team is sponsored by PBR - and he also loves their product...

Briton had to leave us on Sunday to go back to work :(  But Emily and I carried on.  We skied another day Vail then went to Beaver Creek for the last day.  We love Beaver Creek.  We love Vail too, let's be real.  All the skiing was near perfect.  On the first day we did a lot of challenging powder runs, which I am really, really "not skilled" at.  Briton definitely pushes people to do terrain they're not totally comfortable with - that's how you get better!  It was fun but I looked ridiculous at times.  Emily and I did a lot of steep, fast groomers - those are my favorite.  We threw some mogul practice in there too - Like moguls if I'm cold and need to warm up, ha.  My favorite run at Beaver Creek as been President Ford's for a few years now: bumps at the top and fast on the bottom.  At Vail Emily and I loved Yonder: STEEP and smooth.  Overall I was happy with how my skiing skills have held up!

Emily at our last lunchtime.  She's the cutest!
On our last night, Emily and I watched "The Bachelor" finale.  I didn't watch any of the season, but heard Juan Pablo was ridiculous.  Emily and I used to watch the show in college together - it was so fun to watch with her again!  And yeah, JP is the worst - ugh.  I was sucked into the drama immediately.  I also started reading "Bossypants"by Tina Fey.  It's great so far!

I can't think of enough synonyms for: amazing, perfect, beautiful, excellent, etc. etc.  I loved seeing my college friends and returning to one of my favorite places.  We'll have to make it a yearly event.  Yesterday I left Beaver Creek at 10am Mountain time, and got home to Pennsylvania at 2am Eastern time.  LONG DAYYYY.  I'm ready for bed. 

Spring Break isn't over!  My next post will be about my post-skiing pampering.  Drew's coming in 2 days!!  

1. Do you like skiing?  Where if your favorite place to ski?

2. What's the worst luck you've had while traveling?

3. What book are you reading?

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