Thursday, March 27, 2014

A goat on a table.

This week has been quite nice.  It's Spring Break at the school I work at, but I took my break early, so I am working this week.  The school is empty save for the maintenance, dining, and cleaning staff.  It's quite relaxing!  I'm glad I'll have human interaction at work again next week though...

Let me recap, through pictures, some things that have been going on outside of running:

Saturday afternoon
Drew randomly initiated a game, via text, where we send each other pictures of dogs that look like us.  I mean why not?  I sent him this adorable puppy, because he is blonde and often very, very tired:

He sent me this, and that was the end of the game:

Saturday night
Sierra and I took a jaunt to the city for some marrrrrrrgaritas!  We live on the train line so it's really easy to go into Philly for the evening without having to drive.  The only downside is the train stops running at midnight.  Most nights this is fine though because I like my sleep!!

I told Sierra to pose with the sunset.
Yes and yes!

We ran into our lovely friend Brooke!!!!  Ah I just love this girl.  Good times had by all!

On my walk with the dogs on Sunday we saw a goat on a table.  Goats be like, "May we help you?"

I found this, sent it to Drew, story of our lives.  Not my fault he's a slow eater!!! :)

It snowed again, how bout that?  I had a relaxing evening.  I went to Chipotle to hang out with Travis and Braden before I was hungry.  So when I came home to make dinner I had Mexican food on the brain.  I topped sweet potato with black beans, roasted Brussels sprouts (not Mexican I know), jalapeno, cheese, and sour cream.  HOLY YUM!

Not cool, Spring, not cool.
 I have become the master of building roaring fires!!  I spent the rest of the evening cozied up watching the snow and Jeopardy :)

1. What's something random that happened to you lately?

2. Is it still cold where you live?


  1. Why am I just now finding your blog?? Following now!

    1. Thank you! I just checked out your blog - I'm looking forward to reading more!