Thursday, February 6, 2014


I'm just going to glaaaaaze over the fact that I'm on my third snow day this week and we had to cancel important things today and also an event tonight and we have an event this weekend that might get snowed out dee da...let's just pretend that isn't happening...POOF!

Moving on.

Latest Workouts:
I had quite the hiatus after my long run Saturday, and didn't do anything besides walk the dogs on Sunday and Monday.  Our walk after the snowstorm on Monday was beautiful and tough!  I took them up in the woods in a foot of snow.  My calves were feeling it the next day.

View from a field behind my house.  Beautiful!
Tuesday: 30 minutes on the spin bike and abs
Wednesday: 60 minutes on the treadmill, doing a little bit of everything.
Minutes 1-5: walking (I always do that on every run, treadmill or not, I walk for a few minutes)
Minutes 5-10: 9:13 per mile pace
Minutes 10-30: 8:30/8:00 pace
Minutes 30-40: 30 seconds on at 7:00 pace, 30 seconds off.  In the middle I took a minute-ish rest.
Minutes 40-45: walking
Minutes 45-55: 9:00/8:30 pace
Minutes 55-60: 10:00 pace
Cool down.

Treadmill selfies take a special talent.
I have to tell you about the lengths I went to to get this work out in.  So yesterday we had an ice storm - I don't want to get too much into it because I am so sick of talking about the weather!!!!!  It's bad, horrible, we get it.  Anyway I thought my gym was open, because other locations had messages on their website that they were closed, but mine didn't.  At about 3:30 I was realllllly stir crazy and the roads were okay to drive on, so I was ready to work out.  I called my gym JUST in case they had lost power - still no internet message.  No answer - first the call dropped, then I got a busy signal, then it rang for about 2 minutes, then repeated all those things.  Yes I called 100 times.  I was still skeptical and had to get out of my house so I drove over anyway.  Not open due to the power outage.  UGH!!  I considered calling my old cross-fit teacher and begging her to let me take a class even though I'm not a member anymore.  As I was driving home I passed the Planet Fitness, which was open.  I took a gamble.  I walked in, went right to the front desk and asked if I could start a "Free Trial" but before she could even answer I said, "Look I just need to be honest with you - I REALLY want to work out today."  She didn't even hesitate and said they had lots of non-members there that day for the same reason.  I was so thankful!!  I told her she could put me on their calling lists and send me all the crap about joining their gym and it would be worth it.  She laughed.  She was so nice!  I can't believe how much energy I had to burn.  I wonder if she'll let me go back today...

A few nights ago my brother and I made another loaf of bread.  This one had garlic, rosemary and olive oil in it, and I formed it myself!  Delicious.

Yes, this is a different loaf than the first one :)
Later today I plan on posting about my upcoming races! Stay tuned.

What are the greatest lengths you've gone to to get a workout?

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