Monday, February 17, 2014

Out of the routine

Oh hello, is this a running blog?  Oops...I must have forgotten.  I have run ONE time since the 5k last weekend. I know my readers have been waiting in suspense for me to end the radio silence this week (Hi mom, hi dad, hi Drew!)  Jokes aside though, I think it's important for me to keep posting as if I have tons of people reading, because isn't that the goal?  If I didn't want to gain readership I'd just be telling these things to my parents!  I started this blog because all I talk about is running; how much I love it, how much I dread it sometimes, how much joy it brings me, how I want to get better, how much better I've gotten, to offer any tips I may have, to listen to others' advice, etc. etc.  So I must get back to the task at hand.  

I know a few posts ago I was really sick of talking about what a doozy this winter has been, but it's time to talk about it again.  My life is totally thrown off right now - as is lots of people's lives I'm sure.

My life.
Last week started out pretty normally - work was the usual, although I'm pretty behind because of the snow days, but everyone is so it's okay.  I was able to make it to my favorite spin class, then on Tuesday I did some swimming.  On Wednesday we had a work event and I wasn't able to get a workout in - damn you snow and ice (I can't wait to be able to run before work again - right now it's too dangerous).  We got more snow on Wednesday night and school was canceled so I haven't been at work since Wednesday!!  I know it is hard to complain, having all this time off, but see the above picture!!  I am out of my element.   On Thursday my mom and I were stranded, and our workout was hours of shoveling.  I have a very, VERY, long driveway - my mom and I tackled the whole thing over the course of three hours.  We felt very accomplished :)
This picture is after 3 more inches fell on our shoveling job.  The driveway also curves down to the left for about 50 more yards.

The snow sure was gorgeous Friday morning though!
Friday was Valentine's Day!  I was able to make it to the gym in the morning to run, then I headed off to Drew's for the weekend.  On Friday we went to Franklin's...obviously...and on Saturday we went to our real Valentine's dinner in DC, at Sushi Capitol.  Hands down BEST sushi I have ever had.  If you're in the DC area you should certainly look it up!!!

My valentine.
Beautiful PURPLE flowers from Drew.  Purple is my favorite :)
Sometimes Drew and I are extremely productive when I come down for the weekend.  In the summer we like to go running, hiking, go to museums, wineries, explore DC, go to the movies, etc. etc.  Well - this weekend was not that way.  Have you ever felt the dilemma when you're doing nothing, that, you really feel like a waste of life, but at the same time it's SO hard to get up and do something when you don't actually have to?  I am so bad about that.  Case in point:  Drew and I had big plans to go running on Saturday - we had nothing else to do besides the fact that he had to get some schoolwork done.  But it was cold and rainy/sleety/disgusting, so he worked and I caught up on Parks and Recreation.  All day!!  I felt bad about being so lazy but at the same time we didn't do anything about it.  I always have a personal battle with myself over those types of days.  I guess I should just enjoy them!

I came home yesterday to spend time with my mom before she leaves again for the UK this weekend.  I am very, very sad about the fact that my parents are moving (but it's really exciting for them of course and will bring so many new fun memories for our whole family)!  But talk about out of the routine.  I will have to start adapting to my "new normal" very soon.  Right now I'm cherishing our time together.  One perk of all the time off work I've had - I get to spend lots of time with my mom.

Today I worked on getting back into the normal life.  I walked my doggies, hung out with my mom and brother, went to Monday night spin and ate a healthy dinner, quickly negated it with dessert (duh):

I tried to capture how deep the snow is - Winston is a full grown lab, and it is almost taller than him!!
Scrambled eggs and roasted sweet potatoes.
BEST ICE CREAM FLAVOR EVER (I"m not even a huge chocolate ice cream fan).

I'm ready to go back to work tomorrow and take on the week feeling recharged!  If we don't have a late start :)

1. Do you thrive with a routine, or do you like chaos?

2. How was you Valentine's Day?

3. How do you feel when you miss a workout?  

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