Saturday, February 22, 2014

Frostbite 5-Miler RECAP

This morning I ran the Frostbite 5-Miler ; my second year dong this race.  My one goal was to beat my time of 41:14.  AND I DID!  My time today was 39:33 - 7:55 min/miles.  I am VERY happy with that time.

A few things about today in no coherent order:

1. This was my first time going to a race alone.  I didn't mind it at all actually.  Yes it's nice to have people there cheering me on, but I just like the crowd in general.  This was a big race so there were tons of people and spectators.  It also gave me time to focus in the beginning without worrying about anyone else. 

2. The race started 15 mins late in order for some ice to melt.  Besides the black ice, the weather today was BEAUTIFUL!  It was about 43 degrees at the start, and wonderfully sunny.  Hey look there I am! Ha.

3. Speaking of the race starting late, the Mayor of the town this was held in spoke a few words in the beginning.  By that time everyone just wanted to get on with the race!  The poor woman was talking and people were CLEARLY not paying attention.  I think some people were even yelling "Stop!  Let's race!"  It was pretty funny...

4. Although I know this is a bad idea, I decided to start out "too fast."  I wanted to get as far into the race as possible before I realized how much I was hurting :)  It actually was an okay idea!  Although my first mile was clearly the fastest, it sent me on a good pace instead of leading me to crash and burn.  I only dipped below an 8 min/mile a few times.  Like I mentioned earlier, this course is very hilly.  The entire last mile is uphill.  It hurt.

5. It hurt so much, that I produced the most horrible batch of race photos in the history of the planet.  I can't even post them on here because they're that unflattering.  I always try to smile and clean up my form when I know there's a photographer.  Today I was a) unsure if there was on at the finish and and b) too focused on sprinting for the last couple feet.  All I can say is "woof." 

 6. Lastly, the course was long I think.  My watch said 5.06 miles with a time of 39:33.  Apparently that's my official chip time too, so the course must be long.  Oh well!  I placed 5th in my age group.  Not bad.

After the race I went to have breakfast #2 with my family.  My last meal with my mommy until Easter!  We went to Zake's Cafe and Cakes.  It was so delicious!!  I took lots of pictures for once.

 Eggs Benedict with ham and avocado.  Yes please.
Braden's pancakes: Honey and Lemon with caramel sauce.  Easily the best I've ever tasted!!

My mom gave him a Mr. Incredible action figure.  Win!

Because today was gorgeous I had to take these babies out.  A blog post would not be complete without them.

I just got home from dropping my mom off at the airport.  Off to her new life overseas with my dad.  LUCKY!!!  I'll miss her and I miss my dad so much.  I can't wait to see them again soon!  I'm off to go have dinner with friends so I don't think about it :)

1. Did you race this weekend?

2. What gets you out of a sad mood?

3. Favorite breakfast food?

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