Sunday, February 9, 2014

Feel the Love 5k, and weekend, RECAP

First race of 2014 complete - with a new PR!

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Drew and I ran the Feel the Love 5k yesterday.  The race started at 3:30, which is a weird time to start a race.  I wasn't a huge fan of that actually...I'd much rather run at the crack of dawn.  But anyway, it was kind of nice to have a leisurely morning before heading down there. was freezing.

I told Drew to "look cold."  This is what I got.
With about a half hour till the start we finally got out of the car and did some warming up.  Warming up is the hardest part for me - I know it needs to be done, especially for a 5k, but I get so bored with it!  I did some plyos and a fast run for only about a quarter mile.  Drew ran for longer and stretched.  Drew stretches before he warms up which I have my thoughts about...but to each his own.

The course was 2x around a 1.5 mile loop.  Each partner ran in the opposite direction, so you passed each other at least 2 times.  I will own the fact that I started this race way too fast.  I started at about a 6:25-6:50 pace, which is way fast for me, but I didn't really care.  I ended up slowing to about a 7:30 average which is still good for me!  I was a) cold, b) really wanted to see Drew, and c) ready for it to be over :)  I saw Drew first probably at about 3/4 of a mile in.  He was right up there with the REALLY fast guys!  We high-fived and smiled.  I did the first lap in about 11 minutes.  It was mentally pretty hard to have to run the same lap twice, but on the other hand, when I was done the first lap I was like hell that wasn't so bad!  I saw Drew again soon into my second lap, and his face was looking a little more pained, haha.  He was certainly trucking.  Like I said I kept my pace pretty fast the entire time, but I sure did slow up a little.  I was hurtin'.  I don't remember when I saw Drew a third time, because to be honest I can't remember how that even works, the fact that I saw him three times, but anyway, we were both in pain.  Far cry from the happy high fives in the beginning!

When I finished the time on my watch said 23:41, which is a 1 second PR for me!!!  Then the official results showed 23:35.  I'LL TAKE IT!  I had a 7:36 average pace.  Drew had an awesome race and ran in 19:49 - 6:23 minute miles!  Our combined times put us at 14th out of 90 couples.

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This race as pretty perfect for us because I could run my own race, but still had the camaraderie of a partner.  Sometimes when Drew and I run together I get too caught up in the fact that he's so much faster than me and it messes with my head!  This was perfect though, and we had so much fun.

This guy.
That night we went out to dinner with my mom and brothers.  It was fun.  We miss our dad though!! :(

My two favorite things: Drew, and a glass of wine the size of my head.

Drew left this afternoon :( but I'll see him next weekend for Valentine's Day!  My legs were pretty sore today so I was thinking about just swimming and maybe doing some core work.  Right as I was about to leave my oldest brother called me up and asked if I wanted to go to SkyZone, the place with a billion trampolines to play around on.  UH YEAH!  Way better than a workout.   But actually, my quads are going to be a thousand times more sore tomorrow from it.  We had a blast!!

Kids are amazingly talented.
Travis had a missed career in basketball.
Turns out there is a blizzard going on again.  It took us an hour and half to drive home when it should have taken about 40 minutes.  Driving in the snow is one of my most terrifying activities.  I'm so ready for winter to be over.

Speaking of winter, I laughed when I saw this on a walk with my dogs.   The cathedral by my house has the best hill for sledding.  Generations of people have been sledding on it their whole lives, and this year they have a mean old sign up.  Good luck with that...

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


  1. LOL, I had to comment because I totally understand. I always ask the significant other to take photos and he has makes the funniest faces. I'm glad you had a great race and congrats on a new PR!

    1. Thank you for commenting!! I just started reading your blog. I can only imagine having a PR like yours!