Thursday, February 20, 2014


Last night I went over to the race course to re-familiarize myself with it and do an easy run.

My legs were WAY sore from the night before, and I was worried about making them overtired with only 3 days to the race, so I ran 3 of the 5 miles.  Man is this course HILLY, as you can see from the elevation map.  The hill in mile 2 is a killer - long and slow.  Then pretty much the entire last mile is uphill.  Maybe it was because my legs were so tired yesterday, but I started psyching myself out - how in the world did I run this in 8:15 min/miles last year?  Hopefully today's rest, a swim tomorrow, and foam rolling with put be back in good shape.  Sheesh!

Last night I was mauled while foam rolling:

He just doesn't get it.
Tonight we had a last dinner all together before my mom leaves :(  We went to a really cheap, authentic, delicious Mexican food place by my house.  So good - I was looking forward to it for days!  Let's be honest, I was full off tortilla chips within 5 minutes, and it felt so good.

That arm on the left is my brother, Travis.  It was hard to get everyone in the shot!

So since my parents will be officially gone and I'll be forced to make new friends (kidding...kind of), one of my goals this year is to find an extra-curricular.  In high school I was a part of evvverything - sports, theater, community service, etc.  In college I was always busy, and again, a part of so many groups and organizations.  I thrive on a busy schedule.  However, since college I've become very complacent coming home from work, working out, eating dinner, and going to bed.  I really want to find something else to occupy my time so I'm not just watching Sex and the City every night!  This is of course when I'm not hanging out with my friends who, yes, I do see sometimes!! :)

Anyway, in addition to joining a running club, I want to volunteer in some other way.  Tonight I applied to:

I've always wanted to do something like this.  I find that I love having someone to "mentor," maybe because I'm the youngest in my family and crave a leadership role in other ways.  Anyway, I just filled out a very simple online application, so who knows if it will amount to anything.  But even if it's through another organization, I'm going to volunteer in some way starting this Spring.  It will happen!

I leave you with the Valentine's Day card given to me by Drew's cat, Stella (FYI - I named her).  I forgot to show you the other day:

So thoughtful :)

1. Do you volunteer?  Are you a part of any organizations outside of work?

2. Favorite thing to get at a Mexican restaurant?

3. Do you dread running hills as much as I do? 

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