Sunday, January 26, 2014

Working on mental toughness.

Latest Workouts:
Wednesday: 5 mile treadmill run - faster running during commercials.  Foam rolling
Thursday: Quick and dirty: 60 sit-ups, 50 ball slams, 40 lunges, 30 burpees, 20 tricep dips, 100 jumping jacks, then 20 tricep dips, etc. back to 60 sit-ups.
Friday: REST
Saturday: 6.6ish miles out and back, literally only ran 5.25 of them.  Not my best day.
Sunday: Spin class with my favorite spin teacher!  And some foam rolling.  I'm back in the game.

Speaking of those workouts, I would like to point out that Thursday and Saturday were not my best efforts.  The BIGGEST thing I need to work on right now is mental toughness.  I hated Thursday, because I was in a dumpy gym (I didn't go to LA Fitness that day), it was late, I wanted to go home, I was alone with no one to push me, I had plans to spin for a warmup but the spin bike was TERRRRIBLE, and I didn't bring shoes to run in.   I eventually got through it but the endorphins never kicked in - I didn't even feel like I worked out.  I left the gym in a crabby mood.  I HATE THAT.  Why does that happen sometimes?

Saturday's run - I alluded to this before - was just so damn cold.  It was cloudy, and not inspiring whatsoever.  The ground was too snowy to really run on, so the whole time I was trying not to slip.  I walked up almost all the hills.  I just wasn't feeling it - I have a lot of those days unfortunately.  I really need to get better at this.  I'll keep you "posted." :)

On a happier note, after the snow stopped, my weekend turned into a lovely and relaxing one.   I took my dogs for a short and snowy walk.  I love watching them sprint around and play - they are in heaven!!

I was also able to dig out of my driveway and make it over to my friend Sierra's house.  We have been best friends since as long as we can remember, and it doesn't hurt that she lives less than a mile from me :)  We made dinner, drank wine, and watched movies with her brother, Jake.

Their mom makes the best cookies in the world, and we found four bags in the freezer.  SCORE!!! 

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We watched "This is the End."  It was hysterical.  I love funny movies like that - the Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen-esque type movies.  This was that on steroids, because they all played themselves.  Genius.  After the movie we watched about an hour of Louis C.K. stand-up.  Oh my gosh - I haven't laughed that hard in a looooooong time.  I absolutely love belly-laughing.  It was perfect.

This Sunday has been pretty great - I love going back to the work week after a productive and relaxing Sunday.  I went to a morning spin class.  My favorite teacher teaches Sunday morning and Monday night, so I try to hit at least one of those per week.  She is a great spin teacher because she pushes you, but doesn't yell like a drill sergeant.  It's hard to explain but wow - I love it.  I took my doggies for another walk, hit up Starbucks, did some cleaning, made myself dinner, and now I'm watching the Grammy's red carpet with a glass of wine.  Doesn't get much better than this!

Spinach, chicken, peas, corn, pearl onions, hummus, rice, and cranberries.  Oh hey, Ryan Seacrest.

Have a lovely Sunday!  I'm looking forward to a good week of positive workouts this week. 

1. How to you motivate yourself when running? 

2. Anyone watching the Grammy's?  Favorite musician/artist/group?

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