Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Thinking about a career change

Latest workouts:
Monday: 3 miles on the treadmill (another mental nightmare)
Tuesday: Impromptu rest day - my mom came home early from London YAY!!!
Wednesday (today): 4 miles in the freezing cold after work.  It felt so good once I was out there :)

I went between work and an event we had, so it took a lot of dedication to get changed, freeze my butt off, come back, get back into my work clothes, and work again.  Not ideal - I was going to run this morning but it was snowing and that + darkness = danger! But, I didn't want to take another day off either.  It was fun - I ran like the wind in the beginning because it was SO COLD.  Wind chill factor of 12 degrees, and I had forgotten my ear warmers...yikes.  The miles got slower and slower because a) hills, b) I got a teeeeeny bit lost, so I wasn't running my normal pace, instead I was stopping to think about there to go... and c) part of the run, when I was lost, was on a way busy road.  So I kept having to stop and walk when cars were coming.  I'm trying not to dwell on my pace though...

I have some races coming up but nothing substantial - I think that may be affecting my low morale these days.  That and the cold.  So many of the bloggers I follow have been saying the same thing.  We're just over winter - this one, at least where I live, has been especially harsh.  We haven't been above freezing in over a week pretty much.  I had no qualms about giving myself the day off yesterday - I just needed that mental break.  I'm really working hard to overcome these mental barriers.

Bishop is certainly over this weather.

Anyway, my brother and I are thinking about a career change - bread bakers.  My brother is a foodie, he always has been.  He LOVES cooking.  Lately he's been really wanting to make bread - he had never done it.  For Christmas he bought me 2 huge bread-making cookbooks, then we loaded up on accessories: a pizza stone, buckets for storage, special baking sheets, oven thermometers, dough whisk, etc. etc.  There's still more we need.  This week we finally got down to business and made our first loaf.  We (and when I say "we" I mean "he," because I literally just watched) made the dough on Monday night, then let it rest till Tuesday night.

Shaping the loaves

Yes that's Jeopardy in the background - love that show!!

The loaf...


Instagram version: annadamm

It tasted even better than it looks!!  This first loaf definitely had a lot of trial and error though, we're gonna keep getting better.  And we have sooo many ideas of different kinds of loaves to try!  

So my mom came home a few days early from London - I'm so happy she's here!!  She is going back for good in only 4 weeks :((((  She brought me back a new coat from London that I'm in love with:

I've been looking for a quilted jacket - she knows me so well!

1. Last gift you received?

2. Are you a good cook?  Favorite thing to make?

3. Any races coming up?

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