Tuesday, January 21, 2014

From the South to a Snowstorm

Hi all!  I apologize for going a week without posting.  Lots to catch up on!  I'll start with a recap of my workouts last week:
Tuesday: 2 miles on the treadmill, followed by a tabata-style workout
Wednesday: 3 miles before work
Thursday: 30 mins spin bike, followed by core work
Friday: 4 miles before work
Saturday: NOTHING - I was driving to South Carolina all day!
Sunday: 4 miles in South Carolina
Monday: see Saturday (this time from SC to PHL!)
Tuesday (today): 4 miles in the blizzard!

So this past weekend Drew and I went on a roadtrip to see his family in South Carolina!  It was a quick trip - we were only in SC for 36 hours, and spent about 20 hours in the car.  We've done it before over a long weekend, and again it was well worth it.  The weekend started after work on Friday when I drove from PHL to outside of DC.  That's where Drew lives, by the way!  He is at school getting his PhD in ASTROPHYSICS.  I know....ha :)  So we do the semi-long-distance thing, and it's been working well for us.  He's lived there since we both moved back from Boulder in Summer 2012.

Sunset driving down to DC

Drew and I always go to the same place for dinner called Franklins on Friday nights when I come down.  It has its own brewery and has the BEST IPA I've ever had.  I crave Franklins!!!! Yum yum yum.  Drew is so excited to be getting his picture taken.  Yay roadtrip!!

Saturday was a long day of driving.  I had a big plan to get pictures of all the state line signs, but I slept through VA, and I missed MD on the way back.  Shoot!  We were on the road by 6am and got to Drew's parents' house at 3pm.  We caught up for a while then got ready for dinner.  I don't have a picture, but we went to Drew's dad's golf club in in Taccoa, GA.  It was soooo niiiiice.  We had such a lovely meal, and it was perfect after a long day!! 

Fun fact: most people think this peach is in GA, but nope - it's actually SC, which produces more peaches than GA.  Drew is proud of that fact.

Saturday was our only full day in South Carolina.  In the morning Drew and I went on a little run.  This was the kind of run where the whole thing was just not that fun.  My legs were understandably stiff from sitting in the car the whole day prior, and the wind was blowing SO hard on the way back.  It was just blah, but at least we did it.  We could have easily skipped it, so I was happy overall.  Plus, it was nice to be running with Drew!  If I were alone I definitely would have quit.

Again, so excited to be harassed by my iPhone.

After - pretending it was fun!! (Just kidding, it was fun all in all.)

So later in the afternoon we did what I was most excited about - we went shootin'!!  Drew's dad's friend has some land for shooting, and Drew loves to go shoot with his dad and brother.  I had never done it before so they took me!  It was so much fun.  Well actually it was really nerve-wracking, but I assure you we were being VERY safe.  Drew's dad really knows what he's doing.  They took good care of me.  Drew's mom was taking lots of pictures! 

One of the many tutorials.

Drew going first.

I hit the bullseye!! (Eventually...)

I had a lot of fun shooting!  After that we went to dinner with Drew's grandparents and aunt.  Another lovely meal.  I had been craving ice cream all weekend so after dinner Drew and I made it happen :)

Oreo of course.

My kissy face looks like a duck face...let's just ignore it.

Yesterday we were up early again to drive home.  I had to drive allllllll the way home last night.  It was a long one.  

Sunset as we were getting back to DC.

Today we have a SNOW DAY!! I'm so thankful - I got home really late last night and would have had work this morning.  I don't like coming off a weekend ill-prepared for the week ahead, so having this extra day is a blessing.  I woke up early and went to Whole Foods to stock up, then I got a run in right as the snow was starting to pick up.  It was freezing but a lot of fun.  I didn't turn on my music - I love the silence of a snowstorm.  

Happy snow day!  Hopefully we get another one tomorrow :)

Edited to include:  Drew went on a snowy run too!  He sent me this.  Great minds think alike.

1. Do you like long car rides?  Favorite road trip games??

2. Did you have a snow day today?

3. Best thing you did this weekend?

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