Wednesday, January 22, 2014

5 Day Weekend

Hello world!!  Can you say cabin fever?

Yesterday Philadelphia got 13 inches of snow, making a total of 30-something inches since December, which is about three times as much as average by this time of year!  We're in our second "Polar Vortex" of the year, meaning temps below -239 degrees, or something.  Note: I've been watching the news A LOT during the past 48 hours, so I really know my snow stats... Speaking of stats, I had two snow days in a row, and have talked to exactly two humans face-to-face in last  36 hours.  I have spent about three hours shoveling, ran nine miles, and cooked two meals (which is a lot for me).

So, since the snow ended in the middle of the night, which meant alllll the shovelllllinggggggg had to be done today.  My arms will really really really be sore tomorrow.

These pictures don't include my looooooooong driveway...

While I have been "digging" the whole snow day thing (no pun intended), it hasn't been the most stress-free time.  One of my dogs, Bishop, vomited yesterday afternoon.  Usually if a dog vomits it means he got into something or ate too much grass, but I never like to see my dog uncomfortable!  I decided to walk around the house and see if I missed any other "episodes."  I found FOUR more pukes in the living room.  It was beyond disgusting, but that's beside the point.  My poor doggie!!  My mom and dad are overseas, so that just made the whole situation more stressful.  I've had these dogs for ten and six years, but it's always nerve-wracking when something goes awry.  I gave Bishop rice for dinner, but then he threw up AGAIN before bed.  Today, after I dug my car out, I dropped him off at the vet where he stayed all day.  I picked him up in the evening, with directions to keep him on a bland diet and antibiotics, and he should be fine.  I'm glad I could be home today to take him over there.  He's a good one!!

Winston's yawn for the win in the background.

Gahhh, anyway, I was glad the roads were okay today because I could make it here:

I would have run outside but...ehhh no thanks.  Too cold.  And sometimes I am really in the mood for the treadmill.  Is that weird??  Five miles while watching The Chew, and sprinting during commercials (with music) and some foam rolling.  It felt great to get out of the house for a while. 

I'm not sure if I'm going to be a blogger who posts pictures of my meals.  This is because I really don't cook much - I don't make myself inspiring things.  But as I begin to live alone again, I'll probably get back into it!  My brother has a big idea that he and I should become famous bread-bakers...more on that later.  My diet consists of a lot of salad/vegetables, eggs, and soup, as are portrayed perfectly in the dinners I prepared for myself the last two nights.

Eggs and brussels sprouts.

Lentil soup with added spinach.

I actually only have these pictures because I sent them to Drew.  We send food pictures often - not sure why!

Work tomorrow - I'm ready to be back to the grind, but not looking forward to more days of sub-zero temperatures and more snow!! 

1. How's the weather where you are?

2. Treadmill or Dreadmill?  Favorite treadmill workout?

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